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The #KLeagueFM18 Challenges: Citizens Unite - Season Two Part 12

Lee Dong-Gook's retiring and Daejeon Citizens have only lost 1 game in 7 prior to this episode. Will we maintain our recent form or will the Lion King ruin our run for the last ACL spot. After these two games it's the FA Cup next round and two K League 1 games to plot and scheme our way through.

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Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors are the first match of a K League fast paced two matches in one week. This season we have played Jeonbuk three times including the FA Cup win. The overall score is 1-1-1. With Jeonbuk edging the goal advantage. with scoring 9 in 3 compared to our 4 in 3. We are again cleared to play with our entire best starting eleven.

Lee Sang-Min is back eligible and recent military exempt Hwang In-Beon is fully fit for today's clash as well. The most important news from this game is that Lee Dong-Gook has announced he will retire mid season after this match.

Legendary Lee Dong-Gook announces retirement. 

The media are loving all the attention from such a "high profile" player retiring. Over 30,000 tickets have been sold and even a billboard has been rented out for the occasion. With the Daejeon fans not to be out done, 1,742 away tickets are sold.

Can we upset Lee Dong-Gook's retirement party?

Kick Off

With the team selection, essentially picking itself. We line up in our normal 4-3-3, our new structure of long ball with fast pacey wingers is in full flow. Instructions for this match have been lowered more than normal due to the media scrutiny, if we play a controlled football we have a chance of coming away with at least a point.

Lee Dong-Gook and Kim Shin-Wook start up front, in what I'm calling the bash brothers approach. They're going to play very direct and look to abuse our young and slightly slow defence with their foreign passing talent in Resida and Romulu.

The rain is heavily pouring down, but it's not deterring the fans who are in full voice for both camps. Lee Dong-Gook chants are popping up all of the stadium and thousands of masks have been handed out. Even with all this going on it's Daejeon Citizens with the first chance in the 19th minute.

Moon Chang-Hyun perfectly weights the ball to Hwang In-Beon to launch a strike from outside the box it's just finger tipped wide but at the back post is!

HEE-HEE-HEE, for 1-0. His poacher like instinct is clear to see as he latches onto the deflecting effort and taps it home for 1-0. The Lion King is being slain!!

Easy finish for Captain Fantastic 1-0 Daejeon in the 20th.

The first half has been complete control, we've only lost the ball a handful of times and it's clear that the moment is getting too big for Jeonbuk and their desperation to honor Lee Dong-Gook is biting back and losing them 3 points.

Jeonbuk Hyundai playing two target men isn't working as both are filling the same space meaning we are marking two players using only Oh Ban-Suk. This game is slowly falling out of Jeonbuk's grasp and it's only 1-0. As we keep launching attack after attack when winning the ball back high up the pitch.

Second half

Jeonbuk, make no substitutions are they're extremely eager to make this plan work. We however make a slight change with Ho-Jun being told to ease off tackles as he is on a yellow card. Jeonbuk freekick goes wide of the bar after just sailing over the on rushing Lee Sang-Min's now Porto Fc's face.

It's 2-0! Daejeon score and it's Rae-Se who dribbles past one man and smashes it into the far corner with venom. The keeper didn't even move he was that scared with the force and the direction of the effort.

Jeonbuk have gone into their shell, even after going 2-0 down they have made no sub's and lack any real tactical change. It is incredible a team of such quality, that they're lacking a clear edge over competitors.

Jeonbuk 0 Daejeon Citizens 2 Final Score.

Jeonbuk failed to register a shot in the second half, worrying signs if you're a Jeonbuk fan. With the manager about to get the sack after five straight defeats and Lee Dong-Gook party over with, their could be a job opening..

Second Game Gwangju

Gwangju three days later, they're a bit of our trouble team this year, with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss all with equal goals scored from both teams. With the same line up having no injuries and only one yellow card to the old man. If they're fit to return to the pitch they're free to pick up from where they left off, of smashing the poor Jeonbuk side.

Wonderful cool day in Daejeon see's Gwangju make the Journey to try and beat the near mid season invincible's. 

Gwangju are showcasing their newest signing from Panama. Tony Taylor. The big 6 foot 4, target man is going to be leading the line against us, he is quite a journey man with 10 clubs in 8 years, it's unlikely he will become a rival with his record of moving to lot's of clubs.

The line up is out and no surprise who is next to Tony Taylor, but Niall McGinn who has been a constant thorn in our side since moving into the Kleague 1. With scoring 2 goals and assists 3 goals in just 3 matches against us. We have placed two players with specific instructions to stop McGinn from getting any crosses in to the big man.

Lee Sang-Min's second to last ever game playing in Daejeon color's after his move to FC Porto was confirmed this morning, let's hope we can keep the one loss in eight alive until he comes back in 15 years. £1.1 Million in total, we can use that to repurchase perhaps a older more experienced center back.

Kick Off

Well our plan to mark McGinn and Tony Taylor out of the game has gone well, a long lofted ball by Niall McGinn is nodded in by the giant of a man for 1-0 Gwangju inside of 10 minutes. We couldn't stop the ball into the box because of the wind and the trickery by the Northern Irish winger. We have started brightly but that momentary showcase of skill and Tony Taylor's height advantage has had a real effect on our confidence even this early.

The first half flies by with nothing to note for Daejeon, Lee Gwan-Pyo has been amazing though. He is really tying the game together but it's just lacking that last shot, due to Gwangju blocking and their gritty attitude.

Lee Gwan-Pyo showcasing his amazing skill with a 7.8 average rating. 

After Koh Rae-Se's first half performance, it's clear that we are in need of further depth at Left Wing. He is very inconsistent, plus he only run's half of that of our center midfielder. Considering we are playing a winger strategy, his laziness might be a good indicator for a switch.

I've made notes to already such for a new Korean Left Winger, with the market being as small as it is. It could take some time before we have a new player come to the club. With thoughts switching back to the game again we plan our second half tactics change.

We are going to play higher up the pitch and play direct passing, we are in need of at least a goal against this relatively weak Gwangju team.

Second Half

With the second half changes ringing out, we hope for better fortunes. However, the first twenty minutes aren't looking positive. With all of our attacks fizzling out before a chance can be taken. Gwangju go closest with a long shot effort from Bonnes. His shot bounces off of Oh Ban-Suk's knee and hits into the post, a very lucky bounce. If that had gone in it was a definite 2-0 victory.


Goal for Daejeon Citizens, a corner whipped in get's passed just outside of the box to Moon Chang-Hyun who places his effort into the corner of the net. 1-1 in the 79th minute. We haven't had many chances they have been few and far between but we have scored the equalizer. The unbeaten streak is alive still!

With Park Dae-Hoon, on and Moon Chang-Hyun the goalscorer. We have two strikers on the pitch to try and get a late victory, it has costed us with only two center midfielders on the field instead of three, but if it results in a victory it will be worth the risk.

The match ends nearly immediately after Park Dae-Hoon's entrance, with neither team making any real efforts on goal. This is a costly 2 points dropped, but considering our only goal was an awkward corner bounce then we have been fortunate.

Match statistics from a 1-1 draw, not many real chances for either team so a draw is a fair result.


A solid 2-0 victory over Jeonbuk and a fortunate 1-1 with Gwangju. We have now only lost 1 game in 9 games, which was against a very strong Seoul team. Lee Sang-Min's last ever game for Daejeon will be in the next part verses Ulsan Hyundai. We should be able to maintain our unbeaten sequence due to our recent consistent performances. The next part will consist of more games. Daejeon Citizens march on. 

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