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The #KLeagueFM18 Challenges: Citizens Unite - Season Two Part 1

With celebrations of the Daejeon Citizens promotion still going on in the city, the focus shifts to the start of the new season. The hiatus was spent reviewing the players and scheduling friendlies for the step up to the K League 1. With a video of top 10 goals being produced and 4 new players coming through the purple arena doors. The question is can we build upon the momentum and defensive stability of last year to stay up, when all the media predict us to finish dead last.

Start from the beginning Season One: Part 1

Review of last Season

As mentioned the top ten goals of last year as ordered by myself, are able to be viewed below. If you want to pick your favorite then you can tweet to @KLeagueUnited or leave in the comments below. 

Defense Review / Transfers

The project of rebuilding for the new season in a much harder league starts now, with every rebuilding phase. A reviewal stage must first be undertaken. With the Daejeon board outlining a transfer budget of the season being a whopping £825k. An incredible 135% increase on last years budget. It is very important that we buy the right players to keep us at the first time of asking. 

The first area to review is the defense, being that we had the best defensive record of the K League 2 last year. It is easy to assume that even if they performed worse it might be good enough. However, with Jeon Je-Woon heading off to military service and Kim Jin-Kyu leaving at the latter stages of the season. Our defense is actually very bare and aging. 

With Choi Sung-Geun our RB being the only player including the goalkeeper to be under the age of 30. It's clear that with CB's leaving for army duty and fresh blood needed this is where our scouting should be focused. 

That's where we found the boy wonder that is Lee Sang-Min, straight out of the Busan youth academy comes South Korea's U19 captain at the age of 17. With ability to already be one of our best players at the club and potential to grow even more at his tender age. It is no coincidence that Porto, Barcelona and Roma all were interested in this gem of a talent. 

Through sheer transfer budget power and possibly our status in the K League 1, we managed to pry Sang-Min out of Busan. For a eye watering £650k, before you start wondering why I've spent more than 75% of my yearly budget on one player. It's important to note he is already being called up to the national team at 17 and he has a cool Mohawk. Transfer Rating 8/10

After that huge transfer, sales were having to be made with nearly all army returning players being sold. Yoon Joon-Seung sold for £23k, Hyun-Seung sold for £58k to Seongnam and my nemesis Lee Ho-Suk sold for £53k. Choi Woo-Jae £1k, Oh Sueng-Hoon £14.5k and finally Jeong-Joo £5.5k. Netting total sales of £155k. 

Transfer In

Ham Seok-Min a name you might not be familiar with, a 23 year old goalkeeper plying his trade for Suwon Bluewings reserves. His age and his potential made him look perfect as a possible understudy to Su-Hyun. With a price tag of only £33k he was a cheap young option for the future. Transfer Rating 7/10

Next through the doors was a pair of loans. Shim Je-Hyeok again a 23 year old Korean national who plays left wing for Seoul FC, with his pace and work rate he looked like a snap at only £100 a week.
Next up on the right wing was Lee Yea-Chan another Seoul boy but this time from E-Land, with more pace and crossing ability than his counterpart he is a nice back up to Chan-Hee. Especially at £220 a week. Transfer Ratings 6/10

With the idea of youth and stopping the aging squad from getting even older two more signings were made before out first friendly with that of Lee Ji-man a young LB from Seongnam for £2.4k, he looked like a steal at his price but when he came through the door with one leg and pace slower than our 32 year old. Instant regret filled the office. Transfer Rating 2/10 

The happiness was returned when talented youngster Kim Hee-Su was pried out of Incheon's relegated hands. With talent to burn and only being 22 years old this was a no brainier at £16k. Already showing ability close to Hwang In-Beon this could be a massive under the radar pick up. Transfer Rating 10/10

More transfers are being lined up and rumors are circling of a current Korean world cup player being driven to Daejeon as we speak but with a friendly again'st FC PCSC being today focus is shifted.


A rotated squad and some players not returning back from holiday with any fitness, meant a reserve of reserves players were put out. With the hopes of just not embarrassing ourselves in front of our 83 travelling away fans.

The shape remained the same but with a mixture of young players and players on the chopping block of the transfer list was fielded.
A very different Daejeon team for the first friendly of the 2018-19 season. 

The competition was weak with FC PCSC, having only a goalkeeper of actual ability. The players knew it as well, even though the starting eleven lacked much talent. Some considered this a way of proving their worth. The players were pumped up for this clash even before my feeble attempt at Korean.

Kick Off 

The echo of the stadium was definitely felt in this game as only 385 people turned up, I can't blame them if they saw the team sheet. The early action was a tense fight of scrappy tackles and misplaced passes which led to the PCSC player completely clothes lining Ji-Woong. To the point he had to be substituted off after only 7 minutes. With best goal of the season Rae-Se being stripped to come on in his place.

Rae-Se first impact on the game was a shot from outside the box that literally it the corner flag and went out for a throw in. It's nice to know he's still got his goal scoring ability. Park Dae-Hoon unleashes a powerful cross that is met by Suk-Jae but he narrowly fires over the bar in the 16th minute, it is all Daejeon Citizens attacks they just can't handle our width.

Koh Rae-Se take a bow my son, he's proved me wrong with another worldie. You might be seeing that in the end of year package again, as he's unmarked on the edge of the box and runs forward like a young Maradona, spins his man and loops a effort into the far corner. It's 20 minute into the game and we are looking rampant. Even the PCSC fans are clapping that goal he really knows how to make a highlight package.

It's like watching American football out there as tackles are flying in and players are being knocked out cold, PCSC clearly came here with a mission. A Quarterback like pass from Sin-Young at CB unleashes pace burner Suk-Jae who easily rounds the keeper for 2-0 in the 33rd. Changes are being made with half time approaching and more injuries than fit players hobbling around.

Half time sees major changes as the entirety of the Daejeon U19 squad are brought in, the entire team is nearly unrecognizable from the promotion winning team. Only Chang-Hyun leading the line and Jae-Woo being only first team players continuing.

The second half sees more action in the stands than on the pitch, a rather lackluster display by both teams our U19's seemingly playing keep ball. Leading to a possession stat of 62% and random long shots from distance floating into the stands for the few fans to try a game of volleyball.

The second half finishes with a 2-0 scoreline and a Daejeon Citizens reserve team running out winners or should I say walking out. With 6 friendlies and a Testimonial in the span of 2 months, it's time for further squad review and transfers.

A drab opener to a season that is going to be filled with high score lines and action packed weekends in Jeonju. 


A review of the defence of last years team, with transfers and a friendly for further information about how we will line up in the K League 1. Smashing the record for a Korean transfer fee for a under 17 year old player and a mass exodus of dead weight. We keep our eyes on the prize of staying in the league and hopes on a decent cup run. The next part will cover a short recap of the friendlies and the first league game of our League One managerial career against Jeonbuk!

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