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The #KLeagueFM18 Challenges: Citizens Unite - Season Two Part 10

Three wins in a row, three clean sheets and most importantly averaging 1,200 more fans a game than last year. Things are all sunshine and roses at Daejeon Citizens. The Korean only squad is gelling together nicely, even been compared to the Pohang team who won the league in 2013. With the world cup happening in game, only the Fa Cup Quarter Final to play. Wish the purple boys luck!

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Before the match against Sangju, I was informed about a possible takeover happening at Daejeon. I didn't report about it before the match, as it's happened about five times this year. However, this time it's real. We have been took over, luckily the new board are happy with my management and my contract has been remained.

Incredibly happy the takeover is completed after three straight wins, otherwise it could have been a different conversation. The new board do bring some new philosophies, I have to utilise young players more as budgets have been cut.

Quite frustrating to have budgets slashed and finances heavily limited, though the news has really boosted our social media presence and the fans seem pretty happy. #1 on naver and a decent run on twitter.

At least Yang Ho and Kim Yoon-Seo are tweeting about us, head over to @Kleagueunited. 

Fans seem pretty split on this new takeover, it could make or break our next season if these restrictions aren't just temporary. Hopefully it could bring in a few extra fans to support us for the Anyang away Quarter finals. Either way I'll still be the manager and that's the most important thing, I've got a cup to win!

Anyang Away Quarter Finals

The board takeover, has not gone over well with the fans to say the least. My previous boast of averaging 1,200 more fans this year. Has been completely wiped out after that news. Anyang away in the Quarter finals has sold only 219 tickets for Daejeon fans. 5,392 Anyang fans have pre booked. This means that in a game we need huge support for, we will be out voiced 24.6 to 1.

Nevertheless we push on, Lee Sang-Min is out for this round after collecting yellow cards, in steps Yoon Sin-Young our stalwart of last seasons defence. The team will be essentially the first team, even though Anyang are a poor K2 team. They've recruited wisely and might pose us some threats.

The media are predicting Lee Gwan-Pyo to be the key man for us, and It's impossible to argue with them. He has been an excellent signing from Gyeongnam last year, averaging a 7.17 in 50 games. He's also only 24 with stats growing every week.

Danger man Lee Gwan-Pyo wanted by Jeonbuk.

The bold predictions of 1-0, 2-0 are being thrown around the pre match, but it's really causing some issues as the team talk went terribly. Six of the starting line up seem very complacent against weaker opposition I really hope this is not a cupset.

Kick Off

This Anyang team are very reminiscent of us last season, very compact defensively with wide men that are central for success. Josiel is causing some havoc on the right side, we can't seem to close him down and his darting runs are splitting our lazy looking defence. Luckily when he does get the ball his first touch is woeful and it goes out for throw ins, but if one of these times he's composed we could be in real trouble.

First chance and it goes our way, 25 minutes in. Corner in by In-Beon is cleared to just outside the box and You Ho-Jun blasts a absolute rocket towards the goal. It just clips the post and goes spiraling wide, but he is looking great for his age. He scored a beauty last cup run against Pohang, he could be the real difference maker.

As much as I commend the style of play by Anyang, because of it's similarity to ours. It does make very boring matches. It's half time with the only other highlights being Josiel changing his boots. Hope these ones don't have glue on.

Moon Chang-Hyun is coming off for Suk-Jae hoping this can add some desperately needed spice to this quarter final. With some decent options off the bench we still look favorites.

Great support by Anyang as over 5,000 come out to watch purple on purple action

Near miss by Anyang's Jin-Beom. He's slipped through after some poor defensive clearing, but him and the rest of the stadium watch as his effort is amazingly deflected and saved by Su-Hyun. Wonderful goalkeeping might of shot us into panic stations as now we look to come alive.

To capitalize, the old man is coming off and Kim Hee-Su is coming on in the middle to go more direct and pacey. Anyang are a very gritty team, getting a lot of respect and plaudits.

The Anyang defence and just too tight for our style of play, they're flooding the wings and central areas every time they lose the ball, it's taking great fitness but so far they're holding. It's 75 minutes in but we just can't seem to have a decent effort that isn't from outside of the box flying high.

Hwang In-Beon is coming off after nearly passing out and Sung-Su is subbed on. We look very tired and the tempo is switching to the home team after our eighty minutes of pushing.  It's another great chance for Anyang. 86th minute a dangerous freekick is given away, It's blasted onto the bar and our blushes are spared for a late cupset.

Extra Time

We head into extra time completely devoid of any energy, passion or ideas. Our successful league strategy needs the opponent to come out and attack, Anyang seem very happy to just sit back and utilise free kicks and corners. An injured Koh Rae-Se is making his way onto the pitch, even with a bandaged head he is useful as a pacey winger.

Well, extra time flew by. Not a single highlight, we had pressured off the ball and created a few half chances. Nothing note worthy.

Dominating display, just lacked the cutting edge to get passed an organised Anyang team.

Extra time comes to an end, we are heading to our second penalty shoot out of the Cup already. First one up is captain fantastic, Kim Chan-Hee who was quietened all night by the two men marking him, but with them off his back now. It's easy as you like 1-0 Daejeon. Never in doubt from a player of his ability.

Anyang's An Sung-Bin is up. He looks composed, but as the ball is placed Su-Hyun does some weird shaky leg motion, it seems to have an effect and he's hit the ball into the crowd. Koh Rae-Se is our second taker, same logic as Chan-Hee. Experience and talent sees us with a 2-0 lead. Tidy finish.

An Jin-Beom places his effort into the corner for 2-1, Ji Kyeong-Deuk. Who was playing his last game anyway for us has missed our third penalty with a terrible effort that skids along the wet floor stopping at the none moving goalkeeper. Kim Hyo-Gi makes no mistake for Anyang and it's 2-2. Advantage has been squashed.

The next two penalty takers for us and Anyang are near identical, both pick the bottom left corner and finish it with style. 3-3 This might go down to who breaks first.

Suk-Jae scores to make it 4-3, and not only does he score but he appears to mock the Anyang goalkeeper by clapping in his face. If it puts us through it's worth the one match ban. Unfortunately Anyang score theirs for 4-4.

Number 5 is Yoon Sin-Young the defender. He really wanted to take a penalty and he won man of the match before penalties so nothing's stopping him now. With the screams of 219 Daejeon fans it's willed into the goal, terrible placing but incredible power deflects in for 5-4, will Anyang miss.

Miraculous save to seal the penalty victory!

Spiderman! He's saved it, you will never see a greater leap from a goalkeeper Su-Hyun has earned his nickname of spiderman again with an incredible fingertip save. We are through to the Semi Final!! What a great moment in Daejeon history.

I'm incredibly desperate to win the FA Cup, even with the slow and quite honestly poor regular and extra time performances.We still managed to get through to the next stage, Jeju away will be a hard task but with all hopes on a FA Cup trophy to fit inside our new trophy case, we will perform better next time.

Match statistics from a great night in Daejeon history, Semi finals here we come!


We grind our way through to the Semi finals of the FA Cup, which will be verses Jeju United away. It should be a tight game but it's one step further than we got last year. Miracle heroics and a board takeover, the future might be bright for Daejeon Citizens. The next episode should be 3 matches in the Kleague 1 back to normal.  

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