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FC Seoul 9th Annual Expat's Day

FC Seoul 9th Annual Expat's Day
FC Seoul's home fixture with Daegu FC on Sunday 16th September will be game of choice for the club's ninth annual Expat's Day. An annual and popular event that began in 2010, in association with Seoul Global Center, foreign fans can take in a top flight K League game for a discounted price as well as enjoy a whole host of cultural activities and events.
(Image via FC Seoul)
K League 1 giants FC Seoul have announced that Sunday's K League 1 Round 28 clash with Daegu FC at Seoul World Cup Stadium will take centre stage as part of the club's ninth annual Expat's Day, in partnership with the Seoul Global Center and Seoul City Government.

But, it’s not just the football on display that will be hoping to captivate those who visit as Sunday's extravaganza will also offer up a "journey of global performances and international culture", with a variety of diverse events for people to enjoy.

Whilst the game is due to kick off at 16:00, attractions will be open from 13:00 inside of Seoul World Cup Stadium itself as well as the in plaza just outside the north end of the stadium where, from 14:30 onward, there will be a traditional African percussion performance by Koulé Kan, a display from the "extreme Taekwondo" team 'Nolja', as well as there will be "a performance of the passionate Tango dance" which originated in Argentina.

The day will also comprise of an appearance from football-loving Bulgarian celebrity chef, Mihal Ashminov, who appears on the popular cooking show 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator'.

For a reduced rate of 10,000 won, visitors will have the chance to enjoy the match alongside regular visitors to Seoul World Cup Stadium, whilst receiving a free drink: an Asahi, the club's official beer sponsor, or a can of Coca-Cola.

"There are a couple of things that we hope to achieve", says Paul Carver from Seoul Global Center.

"For Seoul Global Center it's a great opportunity to reach a lot of foreigners and let them know about the services we provide. For example, we'll get to show our marketing video on the big screen and have our logo on the electronic hoardings. Also we hope to encourage Koreans and foreigners to understand each other a bit more.

"From the club's point of view, it's an opportunity to reach out to a whole new set of potential fans and get them coming back to matches week after week. Also, it is good for them from a corporate social responsibility perspective as they donate tickets to be distributed to multicultural families from a disadvantaged background. I think long-term, they've seen the impact that children of immigrants have had on teams such as France or Germany and think there is a potential to find new players as well. Ultimately in a perfect world, FC Seoul will thump Daegu FC and play some scintillating football".

Paul Carver has been involved in the organisation of the event for the last three years and admits that there's a combination of professional achievement as well as personal satisfaction involved.

"It's interesting for me to see what goes into organising a match day and there's always nerves that no one is going to turn up. But on the whole it's great to see new faces at the football. As you probably know there are a lot of foreigners who attend K League matches regularly and it's good to be able to give them a chance fo be involved in some of the regular programmes.

"This time the kids leading out the players will be students from international schools, the ceremonial kick-off will be done by a foreign celebrity, and the half-time beer guzzling contest will be done by foreign FC Seoul fans. Next year we have plans to make it even better."

One perk that Paul has is being able to walk out onto the pitch at Seoul World Cup Stadium, something that he admits is a bit of a dream come true.

"In 2016 I got to do the ceremonial kick-off myself which was cool. Each year I get to wait in the tunnel with the players and then emerge out on to the pitch. For a moment it's almost like I've achieved my childhood dream of making it as a professional footballer.

"Actually, I wanted to create interest in the event by holding a prize-giving for the ceremonial kick-off but still need to convince the club of the merits of that idea!"

Tickets can be bought on the day of the game in person for 10,000 Won at the ticket office or online via FC Seoul's website.

FC Seoul vs Daegu FC Preview here

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