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Ko Jongsoo: "I came to learn from Kim Ho"

Daejeon Citizen officially unveiled Ko Jongsoo as their 12th permanent manager; the former Citizen midfielder and star of the Korea Republic 1998 World Cup squad, Ko sets his sights on promotion and wants to build a team that the Purple Arena faithful can be proud of. Speaking to the national media, Ko spoke of his ambitions and his motivation for taking the job.
(Image via Naver)

Former Korea Republic international midfielder Ko Jongsoo was appointed as Daejeon Citizen's 12th permanent manager, making the switch from Suwon Bluewings as a coach to the hotseat at Purple Arena. Speaking at his first press conference, Ko revealed that the lure or furthering his footballing education under his former boss and current Citizen CEO Kim Ho was the main motivating factor in his decision to sign with the club he enjoyed a spell at towards the end of this playing career.

First impressions after being appointed as Daejeon Citizen manager:

"Thank you all for coming on this really cold day. There were that many flashbulbs going off from the cameras it was like I was walking out before an important game! I would like to say thank-you to the Daejeon Citizen officials and to CEO Kim Ho. CEO Kim gave me my professional debut as a player and now we are working together for my debut as a manager so it’s very meaningful to me. I cannot thank him enough for the love he showed me during my days as a player. I learned a lot from CEO Kim’s leadership during his time as manager and I will try to do everything that I learned from him."

Ambitions going forward:

"Promotion to the Classic is the number one aim. Of course, I don’t think it will be easy. In the environment of a citizen club, with the current the playing staff and to combine Daejeon’s past, I want to stir up a revival in the team. I want to build a team that gives joy to the people of Daejeon."

Daejeon’s strengths and weaknesses:

"I haven’t been able to have a good look at the players as of yet. I am preparing quickly but rather than hurriedly, I want to have look at everything properly step by step. Until now, the people of Daejeon’s desires have yet to be fulfilled. But, rather than mention advantages and disadvantages, I will work on reducing the weaknesses."

How did you feel when it was suggested to you to become a manager?

"I was worried a little bit about becoming a manager for the first time. The reason why I accepted the job was because I think I can learn a lot from CEO Kim Ho, like in tactically difficult situations that could defeat us. Instead of speaking to other managers I can talk with CEO Kim who can help to put things right and I can take on board any of his suggestions. No one gets things right from the very beginning but the experience of the CEO (as a manager) is a real advantage and I think I can learn a lot from him."

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

"From when I got into the Korean National Team until when I crashed out of it, the best way to deal with these types of situations is with hard work and to have confidence. But this is one of cons of being a manager for the first time is that, empirically, it will be a bit difficult at first. But, I will prepare as much as I can so that I can cover all this on the training ground."

Daejeon’s problems are quite serious, do you have any particular measures?

"Now is not the time to lay down the law but it’s not right to keep losing or drawing games. I want to instil a winning DNA into Daejeon Citizen Football Club. Along with the coaching staff and the players we will prepare ourselves well enough so that we can achieve that one goal."

Changes to the coaching staff?

"I have been in contact with Coach Kim Jinwoo. He is senior to me but I he is the first person I called. Although it will be myself who is the manager, I would work closely alongside Coach Kim. Rather than doing everything hurriedly as soon as I arrive I want to prepare things well step by step."

Your desires as a manager?

"My head is in a bit of a spin on account of the sudden interest I received. I met an awful lot of different managers in my time as a player and as a coach there have been two managers who I have learned from and so I have a variety of different experiences. The good things that I learned I will try to implement. Going forward, even if teams have defeated us they will meet a Daejeon team that is difficult to beat, I want to build a team that does not give up easily and that other teams will say “that was a really difficult game”. "

Have you had a lot of people congratulating you?

"I have received a lot of congratulations. Actually, it is the first time I have had this many phone calls! Whilst I have had a lot of congratulations, people have also offered advice and some words of wisdom on how being a manager is not easy. But, personally, I know it will be a hard road to walk down but I need to experience it for myself to fully understand. I will do my best to eradicate people’s concerns about my lack of experience."

You started your playing career at a young age, and now your managerial career as well…

"I received a lot of interest as a player from an early age. At that time I was a bit immature and it was as if I couldn’t think properly. Compared to the beginning it was as if I was forgotten but as a manager I want to display a level of maturity. The manager Ko Jongsoo will be different from the player Ko Jongsoo."

Since your playing days where have you been?

"I have been a player and then a coach for a long time. It is difficult to say for certain where I have been but I know that from now I will have to start again from the ground up. I will prepare my ideas to deliver to the players as a leader."

Source: DCFC.co.kr

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