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K League Classic Players Eligible for Free Agency

K League Classic Players including Jeonbuk's Choi Chul-soon and FC Seoul's Park Chu-young Set For Release

As 2017 draws to a close, a total of 192 players across both K League divisions will become eligible for free agency and can negotiate their moves to other clubs in the upcoming transfer window at minimal cost. Here is the complete rundown for the K League Classic, with a few high profile names that could prove to be strong signings for certain sides in the off-season.
(Photo via Hyundai-MotorsFC.com)

A total of 205 K League players will see their contracts come to an end this year, but only 192 qualify for free agency as 13 failed to play in half of their side's matches this season.

These eligible players may only negotiate with their current club up until December 31st, and then may commence talks with other sides in the following two months. Those who fail to sign a contract by February 28th will be unable to take part for the start of the 2018 season.

Headlining this list is perhaps the surprise inclusion of Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and current Korean international right back Choi Chul-soon. Choi has featured heavily over the past season, with his side winning the league title with two games to spare. His efforts saw him included in the league's end of year best eleven, and receive a national call up for Shin Tae-yong's recent Korean National squads.

The list also includes Jeonbuk's first choice goalkeeper Hong Jeong-nam, although admittedly Kwoun Sun-tae's successor fell out of favour late in the season for a younger understudy. With U20 goalkeeping talent Song Bum-keun recently signing for the club, perhaps it is believed that Hong's future lies elsewhere.

Another eye-catching name is FC Seoul's Park Chu-young. The capital club's vice captain featured in nearly all of the league games this season, although only making fourteen starting lineups. The 32 year-old's eight goals this season saw him as the club's second highest goal scorer come the end of the year.

Pohang Steelers could also potentially lose 27 year-old Shim Dong-woon. The attacking winger picked up eight goals for the campaign and two assists for the struggling side, with his performance perhaps not matching the standard he had previously set the year prior. He featured in all but one game for the Steelers, but was withdrawn from action on 27 occasions, meaning he rarely completed a full 90 minutes.

Following a 2013 ruling, a club that signs a free agent must compensate the player's previous club by paying twice the player's 2017 salary, with the maximum limit being set at 300 million won. This rule only applies to those under the age of 32, who joined the K League after 2005, and have been registered as a player for the last two seasons.

The list for K League Classic sides can be found below. If a player is deemed to be within the compensation criteria, they have been marked with an "O" accordingly.

Jeonbuk Hyundai MotorsPositionJoined the LeagueCompensation
Choi Chul-soonDF2006O
Lim Jong-eunDF2009O
Hong Jeong-namGK2007O
Park Won-jaeDF2017X
Heo Joon-hoMF2017X
Jeju UnitedPositionJoined the LeagueCompensation
Kim Ho-junGK2005Over 32
Cho Yong-hyungDF2005Over 32
Lee Ki-hyunGK2015X
Park Ha-ramGK2016O
Kim Ho-seungDF2017X
Jwa Joon-hyupDF2013O
Suwon BluewingsPositionJoined the LeagueCompensation
Yang Sang-minDF2005Over 32
Lee Yong-raeMF2009O
Kim Min-wooMF2017X
Ko Cha-wonMF2009O
Seo Jung-jinMF2008X
Ham Seok-minGK2015X
Kang Bong-gyunGK2017X
Ulsan HyundaiPositionJoined the LeagueCompensation
Kim Chi-gonDF2002Over 32
Kim Sung-hwanMF2009O
Han Sang-woonMF2009O
Kim Su-anFW2014X
FC SeoulPositionJoined the LeagueCompensation
Sim Woo-yeonFW2006O
Kim Chi-wooDF2004Over 32
Park Chu-youngFW2005O
Cho Chan-hoMF2009O
Jung In-hwanDF2006O
Jeon Ho-joonDF2017X
Kim Chol-hoGK2014O
Gangwon FCPositionJoined the LeagueCompensation
Oh Seung-beomMF1999Over 32
Ahn Ji-hoDF2008O
Park Chun-hoDF2016O
An Joong-keunFW2017X
Lee Jung-jinFW2016X
Kang Mo-geunGK2017X
Choi Jin-baekGK2017X
Yang Seong-hwanDF2017X
Lee Tae-minDF2017X
Ahn Sang-minFW2017X
Han Kook-youngMF2017X
Shin Young-junFW2011X
Pohang SteelersPositionJoined the LeagueCompensation
Lee Seung-heeMF2010X
Hwang Ji-sooMF2004Over 32
Kim Dae-hoDF2010O
Kim Kyo-binGK2010X
Kim Dong-kiFW2012X
Shim Dong-woonFW2012O
Daegu FCPositionJoined the LeagueCompensation
Lee Yang-jongGK2011O
Oh Kwang-jinDF2010O
Woo Sang-hoMF2016X
Kim Hyun-sungGK2015X
Cho Kwi-beomDF2016O
Park Shi-yoonDF2017X
Incheon UnitedPositionJoined the LeagueCompensation
Park Jong-jinFW2009O
Kim Gyeong-minMF2013O
Kim Dong-minDF2017X
Ha Chang-raeDF2017X
Kim Hee-sooMF2017X
Kim Seok-hoMF2017X
Jeonnam DragonsPositionJoined the LeagueCompensation
Song Chang-hoMF2008O
Hyun Young-minDF2002Over 32
Bae Chun-sukFW2013O
Gwangju FCPositionJoined the LeagueCompensation
Lee Jong-minDF2002Over 32
Joo Hyeon-wooMF2015O
Jung Ho-minDF2017X

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