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Transfer Talk : Jeonbuk Motors FC

Which player(s) signed in the 2014/2015 windows has performed best for your team this season?
Jeonbuk was pretty solid coming into the season, after taking their 3rd League title in 2014. More than ever, the club brought in more of their youth into the senior squad, and sold a large amount of defensive players, including two keepers.

The two biggest additions weren't in the back field, where Jeonbuk continues to have the league's best defensive, but in front of net with two Brazilians. Both are well known in the league, with one 'returning home'. Eninho 
Oliveira Junior spent sometime away after 18 months in China before coming back to Jeonbuk to start his 6th season and chase his 3rd league title after winning in with the squad in 2009 and 2011. The Brazilian has 3 AFC goals in his 6 starts, as well as one league goal through 15 rounds. 

The other attacker that is heavily responsible for Jeonbuk's dominance in front of the net is former Suwon Bluewing Edu Oliveira. Scoring 3 times in the AFC and  with 7 domestic goals, Edu sits atop the league for goals scored. There seems to not have been problems in the front through 15 rounds as previous strikers have found it difficult to fit into Jeonbuk offensive system. The two Brazilians, 34 and 33 respectively, are giving Jeonbuk an offense that seems to be difficult to stop for most. 

Though it's traditionally a quiet window, if your team were to pick someone up this window who would you like it to be?

Jeonbuk literally has all positions covered and could have easily gotten 9 points from their last 3 games, yet fell apart and only scored twice for 1 point in a scoreless draw at Pohang. Jeonbuk's defense seems to be a bit crowded at the moment and seems hard for them to find identity in positions. Alex Wilkinson had a deal to China fall through for unknown reasons, but the club had planned on the open spot and once again has a numerous amount of starting defenders. What they lack is a defensive midfielder with experience, the only one being Jeong Hoon. It's not a big enough problem to bring in someone, rather just have someone learn the position with more consistant game time, but definitely look for a move out of the back field.

Is there someone on the team you'd like to see loaned out or sold?

The move of Kim Jung Woo to Bayinas SC has kept the former league's and team's highest paid player over seas again. Brought into the club when long time head coach Choi Kang-Hee took a leap of absence to coach the national team, Jung-Woo never found his grove in the team. 

The team needs to quickly analyze if their back up keeper, Hong Jeong-Nam is the back up keeper they want. After returning from Sangju Sangmu, he has got 3 starts; a pair of starts against Binh Doung of Vietnam (1-1-0) and during Round 15's victory of FC Seoul over Jeonbuk.

Who would be a great signing for the league? 

The league is improving in respect to attendances this season, as well as popularity but a big name signing wouldn't hurt. The problem would be only few teams have the purse to really shell out money for a start player or coach to make it to the league. FC Seoul are playing their cards by bringing in old time national team players, Park Ju-Young and Cha Du-ri.

The league could use a team who wants to partner with a European club. Jeonbuk have done so in some respective, with FC Lyon in France. The French wears the Hyundai logo as their main sponsor and traded friendlies a couple of years ago but nothing else like that has been done. 

Which team needs a transfer the most?

Teams in the Classic that come to mind when thinking 'trades' are Pohang Steelers, Ulsan Horangi, Busan I'Park and Daejeon Citizens.  Pohang, who are currently in 3rd and who won the league title two years ago with a foreigner-less squad are failing to find movement in the middle of the field. Worse off is Ulsan, who haven't been the same since losing Lee Geun-Ho to Sangju Sangmu, then sending him overseas. Busan has stuck with Fagner for 4 seasons, but after scoring 10 goals for the coast city team, he has returned to Brazil and left the club with even fewer attacking options. Weslley, who is on his 3rd KLeague club, has scored half of the teams goals this season so letting him go would probably be an awful decision, instead that need someone who can do the same or assist him. Daejeon are in a world of trouble after coming back into the top league and have just replaced the coaching staff. The team that dominated in the K-League Challenge (Korea's 2nd league) is lacking creativity up front and has wholes all over their midfield. There isn't enough space to write about how many incoming transfers they need. 

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