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Things are getting better (Jeonbuk 1-2 FC Seoul): A Recap

On Friday, I predicted gloom and doom for Seoul and was I ever wrong.  Unfortunately, because my life can't revolve around just FC Seoul I missed the game, but looking at the statistics and highlights, it seems like Seoul outplayed Jeonbuk.  I almost hate to utter the h-word, but I am becoming quite hopeful about Seoul's chances of late.  I still do not think anyone will catch Jeonbuk, but if Seoul play like this week in and week out, then the season will be enjoyable no matter what.

Seoul outshot Jeonbuk 8 to 5 and didn't allow them a shot on goal according to soccerway.com.  Jeonbuk's goal was a great effort from Lee Dong-gook.  Maybe the defense could have done more, but still, it was just a magnificent shot.  

It is great to see Seoul score a goal from outside the box.  I still think they could shoot a bit more often outside the box.  I know that it is similar to crossing in that the percentages are not high, but Seoul have been guilty of not varying their attacking play the last two years.

In my preview, I predicted that Choi Soo-yong would rotate his line-up and that Yun Il-lok would play.  It was pretty much the same team that started against Incheon, but Kim Chi-woo came back Ko Kwang-min moved to the right to give Cha Du-ri a break.  I thought he would rotate more since they have played four games in two weeks, but I guess he had decided to go with form and why the hell not.  

Up front were Park Chu-yong and Jung Jo-gook and both had great games.  Jung Jo-gook really seems up for it lately.  He was unlucky not to score against Ulsan and Saturday's game was the same.  He had a scorcher of a shot early in the first half and later, was put through by Go Yo-han, but shot straight at the keeper.  He is getting into good positions, which I think is a problem that other Seoul strikers such as Kim Sung-hyun and Park Hee-Seong have had problems.  If he can begin to convert his chances, I believe that Seoul could finish ahead of Suwon and Pohang.  

Park Chu-yong, who I have been critical of, was great on Saturday.  He was unlucky to have hit the bar against Ulsan a week ago, but he scored a great goal against Jeonbuk.  I cannot tell if it hit a player, but Hong Jeong-nam appeared to be flummoxed by the flight of the ball.   I think it was just a great shot, but looking at other replays, I am pretty sure it hit someone.  Go to the 1:49 to see for yourself.

Kim Chi-woo scored his first for Seoul this year.  He has a cannon of a left foot and is always a threat to score.  He hit the post in the 50th minute from a very acute angle, but shot first time with his right foot off of a Ko Kwang-min pass to beat Hong Jeong-nam.  I am not sure who had the back heel in the box (I think it was Jung Jo-gook) that put Ko Kwang-min through, but that has been something that Seoul have lacked for the last two years.  

Park Chu-yong had a second but was whistled for being offside.  From there, it was squeaky bum time.  Edu had a great chance in the 63rd minute to get one back, but his shot was wide right.  Then, Lee Dong Gook hit a brilliant curler into the top of the net in the 73rd minute.  He might have been a bust at Middlesbrough, but he has been nothing but brilliant since coming back to the K-League.  I really hope that the Park Chu-young has the same success.  

Speaking of Park Chu-young, that is his third goal this season and the best one yet (even though it hit someone).  Maybe he is starting to round into shape and find some form.  I still stand by my point that even though he played in higher leagues than Dejan, that he is not half the player that Dejan was at Seoul.  However,  he might not be a bust after all and I could be wrong, yet again.  

Park Chu-young and Jung Jo-gook work quite well together.  They are both veterans and if they continue to play together and form an understanding, maybe they can begin to terrorize the league.  I did not think I would being saying this so soon, but the future is looking bright.  

FC Seoul are the in-form team in the league right now.  They have not lost a league game since April 18th.  They travel to Daejon on Wednesday and should their form remain true, I see no reason why they cannot come away with three points.  

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