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Where are K League clubs going for pre-season?

Less than a week into the new year and already K League teams have begun their respective pre-seasons. But where are they going?
Japan appears to be a popular choice for a lot of K League teams, as too Thailand with 15 teams headed to the Southeast Asian country. A handful are off to Vietnam too while the UAE and Turkey are the destinations for some teams.

Speaking to Yonhap News, one official from FC Seoul said that warm weather training can lead to fewer injuries throughout the season: "The number of long-term injuries in the 2023 season was lower than in any previous season. We conducted training in Thailand for the first time last winter, and it seems to have had a positive impact. Thailand is the best considering the weather, cost, and training pitch quality."

Ulsan went to Portugal last year but the wide temperature differences between day and night a reported to be a factor: "The temperature difference between day and night in Portugal was greater than expected. We will do fitness training in Ishigaki, where the weather is as cool as late autumn in Korea, and then move to Okinawa to begin full-scale training."

K League 1

Ulsan HD

Champions Ulsan will head off to Japan's Ishigaki island, located west of Okinawa and east of Taiwan from January 12th to the 21st and then Kagoshima, also in Japan, from January 22nd until February 4th. The Horangi will also train in Okinawa. Ulsan then have the AFC Champions League Round of 16 clash with Ventforet Kofu in mid-February.

Pohang Steelers

Pohang Steelers, under new manager Park Tae-ha, began pre-season at their training ground on January 3rd and will stay there until January 7th. Then the Steelers head to Hanoi in Vietnam from January 8th until the 26th. After a two-day break at home, Pohang then head to Seogwipo city on Jeju Island from January 29th until February 9th. Like Ulsan, Pohang have their AFC Champions League Round of 16 tie to contend with during pre-season, with the Steelers set to take on Jeonbuk on February, on February 13th or 14th for the first leg and 20th or 21st for the second.

Gwangju FC

Lee Jung-hyo and his Gwangju players returned from their winter break on January 2nd and headed to Chiangmai in Thailand. They will remain in Thailand until January 31st, have a few days off and then head to Namhae on the south coast of Korea from February 5th until the 28th.

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors

Jeonbuk return for pre-season on January 10th when they head to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. They'll spend around three weeks in the Middle East then return to Korea on February 3rd.

Incheon United

Incheon United's pre-season training begins in Chiangmai, Thailand on January 8th. The Blue Black will stay in Chiangmai until January 30th, having a short break before then heading to Changwon on the south coast of Korea on February 3rd. Jo Sung-hwan's men are initially scheduled to stay there until February 24th but this will depend on when the new season gets underway.

Daegu FC

Daegu FC's pre-season doesn't start until January 8th. Choi Won-kwon's team heads out to Chiangrai in Thailand until January 31st before returning to Korea for four days. Then, the Sky Blues will head to Namhae on the south coast. from February 5th to the 17th.

FC Seoul

FC Seoul return to pre-season on January 9th and will head to Hua Hin in Thailand until January 28th. After just under a week back in the Korean capital, Kim Gi-dong will take his players to Kagoshima in Japan from February 4th to the 16th.

Daejeon Hana Citizen

Daejeon Hana Citizen will prepare for their second season back in K League 1 with three separate trips. The team headed down to Geoje Island on the south coast on January second where they will remain until January 8th. Then, on January 10th the Purples will head to Hanoi in Vietnam until January 28th for a friendly tournament with Hanoi FC, Hanoi Police FC, and Bali United from Indonesia. After that, Daejeon will head to Kagoshima in Japan from February 2nd until the 18th.

Jeju United

Jeju United returned for pre-season on January 3rd spending time on the training pitch at the club's Seogwipo-based clubhouse. That's where the islanders will be until January 31st but where they head next is undecided. China or Japan are the two destinations being mulled over by new manager Kim Hak-bum and his staff.

Gangwon FC

Gangwon FC's official pre-season schedule doesn't begin until January 19th, much later than the other teams in the division. Gangwon will head to Antalya in Turkey until February 18th.

Suwon FC

Suwon FC, under new manager Kim Eun-jung, began pre-season on January 2nd at the team's clubhouse. On January 12th, Suwon will head to Bangkok in Thailand until January 29th before heading to Jeju on February 1st. How long they stay on Jeju Island depends on when the new season will kick off. Yonhap reports that Suwon FC will be heading to Bali in Indonesia.

Gimcheon Sangmu

Newly promoted Gimcheon Sangmu are staying in Korea for pre-season, beginning in Jeju from January 8th until January 31st. On February 1st Chung Jung-yong and his men will head to Busan until February 18th.

K League 2

Suwon Samsung Bluewings

Suwon Bluewings began pre-season on January 2nd and will stay at their clubhouse until January 11th. Up next for the Bluewings is Bangkok in Thailand from January 12th until the 29th. Part three sees Suwon head to Jeju on February 1st but how long they stay there depends on when the new season kicks off.

Busan IPark 

Busan IPark returned for pre-season on January 3rd and have a trip to Chiangmai, Thailand to look forward to on January 9th. They'll stay in Thailand until February 1st before returning home and seeing the rest of sera

Gimpo FC

Gimpo FC will stay in Korea for their pre-season. First up it's Suncheon in Jeollanam-do from January 8th until the 31st, then over to Mokpo from February 1st until the 23rd.

Gyeongnam FC

Gyeongnam's first pre-season under new manager Park Dong-hyuk takes them to Chiangmai in Thailand but not before a nine-day spell at their clubhouse from January rd to the 12th. Chiangmai begins on the 13th right the way through until February 9th. After that, it's the short trip to Geoje Island from February 13th until the 23rd, depending on the start of the new season.

Bucheon FC 1995

Bucheon are staying close to home for most of pre-season but they do have a trip down to Changwon scheduled for February 5th until the 17th.

FC Anyang

FC Anyang headed abroad for pre-season early, heading to Chonburi in Thailand on January 3rd. The Violets will stay there until January 24th before a short break back in Korea. On January 30th Anyang will head down to Namhae on the south coast where they will wrap up the bulk of their pre-season preparations on February 16th.

Jeonnam Dragons

Jeonnam Dragons have begun pre-season training already but their first proper camp starts on January 8th in Bangkok, Thailand. The Dragons will stay there until January 28th before returning to Korea for a short break. Work will begin again on February 3rd.

Chungbuk Cheongju

Chungbuk Cheongju have a long trip to Bangkok to look forward to for pre-season. They'll be there from January 8th until February 9th before returning to Korea and spending the rest of pre-season close to home.

Seongnam FC

Seongnam FC's pre-season training camp began on January 4th with a trip to Chiangmai in Thailand where they'll remain until February 10th. After a bit of a rest, the players will reconvene at the clubhouse from February 14th until the start of the new season.

Chungnam Asan

Chungnam Asan begin life without manager Park Dong-hyuk this winter and to get ready for the new season the Owls are in Jeju where they arrived on January 3rd and will stay until the 29th. Where they go after that is still undecided but Asan are expected to go to Suncheon in Jeollanam-do.

Seoul E-Land

Seoul E-Land have two pre-season training camps lined up. The first is Bangkok, Thailand from January 11th until February 1st. Then, after a three-day break, it's Jeju from February 5th until the 23rd.

Ansan Greeners

Ansan Greeners have headed south for some slightly warmer weather to begin their pre-season. The Green Wolves have been in Busan since New Year's Eve. They'll stay there until January 28th before a quick break and then an expected trip to Yeosu in Jeollanam-do from February 1st to the 14th, although that trip is not 100% confirmed.

Cheonan City

Cheonan City, under new manager Kim Tae-wan, are in Chonburi, Thailand from January 3rd until the 24th. After four days at home, the team will then head to Namhae from January 30th until February 14th.

Sources: K League, Yonhap

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