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What have the manager's of #KLeague 1 said about the new season?

After a shorter-than-usual winter break, the new K League season is upon us. In the build-up, a lot has been said in the media about a whole host of topics including season targets, gunning for the treble, last year's shortcomings, playing for the fans, and the impact of new players. 

Daegu FC

Alexandre Gama: "We have been training with the goal of winning the league this season. The players have worked hard. I will find a way for us to beat Jeonbuk and Ulsan and get the best possible results.

"I am aware that Ulsan and Jeonbuk are the league's top teams. For us to get the best results we want, we have to beat them. I want to play an attractive brand of football with quick transitions from defence to attack."

via: News1

Gangwon FC

Choi Yong-soo:  "I'm not a magician, (but) I need to see that will be different (this year). I want to play an exciting brand of football, with a quicker tempo and tighter organization that I think the fans will like.

"There are young players with potential. Rather than right now, looking to the future if you give them a chance then I think these players can make great strides and improve. In terms of where we'll finish, I'm not a shaman so it's hard to say but the goal is to finish in Final A."

via KBS

Gimcheon Sangmu

Kim Tae-wan: "The existing players from last season won the league. I don't think there will be any issues in terms of teamwork. Kwon Chang-hoon and Lee Young-jae are two intelligent players who would be able to show their capabilities in any team. I expect them to fit in well with the rest of the squad.

"It's not about a specific number, more about wanting to be the best we can. Now, there's not a great deal of difference between making it into Final A or survival, in terms of a target. More than a specific target, I want to make a team that wants to compete with the title-challenging teams."

Incheon United

Jo Sung-hwan: "It's been good to see players we wanted to sign be confirmed. I said [to the board] really wanted a talented player in midfield, to give us the feeling of having been upgraded. I think [with the new signings] there are raised expectations about us. If they can integrate themselves with the existing players then I think we can do well. 

"Not just Final A, but a go at ACL qualification is within reach. This isn't a groundless target, if we aim for ACL then we can at least finish in ACL. To erase the annual fears of being in a relegation battle, we wanted to set ourselves a bigger target."

Jeju United

Nam Ki-il: "Teams like Jeonbuk and Ulsan don't become strong teams overnight. It has taken a lot of investment and time to get to where we are. Jeju, with the players we have brought in and with the work that has gone in on the training ground, we can finish higher up. We have to continue to work on our shortcomings and then we can break into this two-horse title race.

"Jeju's strength is that players are together as one. That's more important than anything. This season as well we have prepared accordingly and the aim is for us to always have the ball in the opposition's half. If you play a high line and take the ball off them through pressing then there will be more chances to score." 

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors

Kim Sang-sik: "We are expecting to have strong challengers from other teams this year. Jeonbuk, as a club, has to challenge its own limits. We are fighting on three fronts and the aim is to win them all." 

"Looking at Ulsan's situation, with good players leaving at the same time, it is a shame. But, while there will be people who will be saying that the title is Jeonbuk's this year, there are no easy championship wins. This year is the year of the black tiger and Ulsan are expected to challenge but if you don't want to be eaten by a tiger, you have to pull yourself together and do your best."

Pohang Steelers

Kim Ki-dong: While the aim this year is to finish in the top six, we finished 4th in 2019 and third in 2020. In 2021 we finished runners up in the ACL. In 2022 I want to finish first in a competition. The league will be difficult but I want to win the ACL and get back into the ACL."

"Because we have a lot of pace in our team we have the players to bully the opposition. We will try to play to our strengths... Shin Jin-ho is a player who always thinks about the team, he's a player I have a lot of faith in and will use him as much as I can again this year."

Seongnam FC

Kim Nam-il:  "First and foremost, the team needs to be defensively stable. We brought Kwon Wan-kyu in (from Pohang) as a matter of priority, I think that was very important. Behind him is Kim Young-kwang, then we have Kwon Soon-hyung who can play a big role. We are also looking for a partner for Mulic. 

"In 2022 we will have a dramatic turnaround. This year, like last year, won't be easy but we have worked on our weak points over the winter so that we are headed towards our goals. The players have the motivation and the aim is to finish in the top half."

FC Seoul

An Ik-soo: "The aim for the 2022 season is to be a prestigious club that is suitable for the nation's capital, Seoul. That's the biggest aim. More than league standings we, as a leading club in a city of 10 million people, we have to challenge and perform for them and be at one with them.

"When things get difficult, we think about the fans who are the fans are always there to support us. To sum that up in one word or phrase it would be 'no fan, no value'. FC Seoul in particular are a team for the fans and are here because of the fans. This is what I, and the players, keep in mind."

Suwon FC

Kim Do-kyun: "Last season we exceeded expectations and so because of that there will be a lot of people who'll have high expectations for us this year. As a manager, that's a burden but on the one hand, I am looking forward to the new season. Obviously, things will be even harder for us this year. The existing players and the new ones we have brought in have prepared well over the winter and will help us try to go one better this time around.

"Generally speaking, there has been no change in the fact that I want to play attacking football. Last season we were able to score a lot of goals and we are preparing to have the option of a back three or back four."

Suwon Bluewings

Park Kun-ha: "In the second half of last year, as manager of the team, it was clear to me that there were a lot of things that could have gone better. We needed to strengthen the squad and, to me, I could feel that the opposition had done their homework on us. If new the players or the younger ones do well, I think they will show a different side of themselves from last year.

"I would say it's true that the performances of our foreign players last year were disappointing. The new foreign players we have brought in, in attack, the middle, and at the back will be very important for us, I think. They are new to us but they are already used to Korean culture and so I think they will play a big part of us."

Ulsan Hyundai

Hong Myung-bo: "We have had the same aim for the last few years. We want to get off to a good start, the season lasts for a whole year and many things can happen along the way. But our goal is to get off to a good start."

via Sportal Korea

"Park Chu-young, a player who has been a huge player for Korean football, will don the Ulsan shirt. For the last stop in his football career, he has chosen us. He is a player I spent time with in the past and I don't think he will need much time to adapt. I know he will work hard and will give his all. The players have welcomed him."

via InterFootball

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