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News: 'Promotion to K League 1 is the Target', Daejeon's Hwang Sunhong

New Daejeon Hana Citizen boss Hwang Sunhong is targeting promotion to K League 1 as quickly as possibly but admits that it will not be easy with the likes of Jeju United, Gyeongnam FC, and FC Anyang all vying for the same goal. Following the acquisition of Connor Chapman, though, and a whole host of other new signings, Coach Hwang is expecting even more incoming as he looks to, in his own words, 'build a team which will be loved by the people of Daejeon'. 
(image via SPOTV News)

Daejeon Hana Citizen unveiled a new crest, kit, no fewer than eight new signings, as well as a new manager during the Club's inaugural ceremony on Saturday 4th January 2020. Former Busan IPark, Pohang Steelers, and FC Seoul boss Hwang Sunhong has been appointed as Daejeon's new manager, making his return to management after an 18-month layoff. Speaking to the nation's press, Hwang revealed his plans for the club and what fans can expect from the 2002 World Cup hero.

First thoughts on being manager of Daejeon Hana Citizen

It was an honour to receive the invitation to become the manager of Daejeon Hana Citizen. There's a sense of responsibility and even a burden that comes with being a new team. For myself, the club, and the players will all work together to make Daejeon into a special football city.

Reason for choosing Daejeon

I agonised a lot over taking the Daejeon job but the reason why I took it was because of the attractive vision and future which the club has. I can empathize with the Group's vision [for the club] to become global and so I think the club and I will suit each other. The responsibility is huge, this is the first time a team has changed from being a citizen club to a corporate run club but I will do my very best to make sure [the club] is loved by the citizens of Daejeon.

Season Target

Promotion to K League 1 is the ultimate goal. But the vision which the Club has extends further than just reaching the first division. To make strides in becoming a global team is also a target. To get to K League 1 as quickly as possible is the aim, it won't be easy but we will try. Because all teams are strengthening, this will be difficult. That said, winning promotion is the first assignment. Becoming a global team is to get into the AFC Champions League.


Supply and demand of players is important. I want to play careful but quick football. But if it doesn't suit the players we have it can be difficult. Depending on which players we bring in, I will have to be flexible.


This is the most difficult part. Choosing the squad is difficult, and even now that's something I have to deal with. It will be great if I can bring good players in but within the team we have promising young players, as well as underrated players. There are a lot of players with potential. Lee Jisol, who is sitting next to me here, is one of them. To get ready for the new season, he has shaved his head and has a new mindset. It would be great if they could all grew into being top players.

AFC quota players included, it is expected that we will use all [foreign player spots]. Because the supply and demand of domestic players isn't easy, I am working hard to recruit foreign players.
Connor Chapman became the first major signing of the Hana era at Daejeon, joining from Western United.
Practical Problems

There are huge expectations. Because a citizen club has become a corporate run team there are big expectations. I can't avoid that. In football, things can't be resolved in the space of a morning. Along with the players, we will all do our utmost to lay the foundations in turning Daejeon into a famous club.

18 months off

There haven't been any changes in football [during the last 18 months]. The progress of Korean football is always something I have been thinking about. During my time off over the last 18 months, I have thought about a lot of things. My strong point is how I communicated with the players, I think but from the outside I think I have this stern image. I was worried about this but whilst communicating with the players, the team we can progress. I am going to build a team that continues with the trend of youth development.

First experience of K League 2

I think it's more conservative [than K League 1]. Compared to K League 1, even though there's a drop in skill levels, it's passionate and [teams are] defensively strong. As opposed to being attacking, stability is key, I think. Depending on which players can be brought in and the tactics, the playing style can be changed. For the time being, getting to know my team is what's important. There will be Jeju, Anyang, Gyeongnam etc so it will be really intense.  All teams are strengthening to get to the first division. It will be a difficult journey and we will have to do our very best to compete.

What do you need to get promoted?

For the team to become one is what's most important. Which tactics I will use is a concern; there's a style to get results and there's a style to put on a performance. But, it's all about Daejeon becoming one. I will explain these points to the players, but what is certain is that they have it in them to battle.

Do you have a message to the people of Daejeon?

Daejeon is a team I have been interested in because my home town is in this direction. When negative articles were written about the team it hurt. We have to forget the past and do this together. I have to make this into a team that is loved by the fans and for people to come to the stadium to watch. I ask for your support.

Source: InterFootball

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