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Press Conference: Daegu FC vs Sanfrecce Hiroshima

ACL Press Conference: Daegu FC vs Sanfrecce Hiroshima AFC Champions League Group F
Ahead of Tuesday's crucial AFC Champions League Group F clash between Daegu FC and Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Sky Blues gaffer Andre Gaspar and defender Hong Jungwoon, as well as Sanfrecce manager Hiroshi Jofuku spoke to the press. K League United's Muyeol Jung reports from DGB Daegu Bank Park, Daegu.

Monday 22nd April Press Conference

Daegu FC

Question: How are you feeling ahead of the Sanfrecce Hiroshima game?

Andre: I know tomorrow’s game is very important as currently, three teams including Guangzhou Evergrande in Group F are level on six points. We had a very tough away game in Japan, but we need to return stronger. I admit that the Japanese side are a strong team, but we can get the points at home as long as we are mentally strong and ready for the game.

Question: Assumed that Melbourne Victory fail to pick up a point with six defeats, tomorrow’s game will decide who’s going to be the runner up in the group. Daegu are relatively disadvantageous physically and mentally because of the length of time off after the latest game and last meeting’s result. What do you think the key factor will be?

Andre: As you said, you pointed out a good point, all of three teams could be level with 12 points after matchday six. As a result, tomorrow’s game is very important. We were unable to find a way to create any meaningful chances due to their solid and strong defence in the away game. Due to that, we expect some difficulties in build up play and counterattacking, but I will make sure to have our boys aware of it and get them to overcome it.

Question: In a situation where Daegu desperately need a win, what aspects do you emphasise to the players tactically?

Andre: In terms of offence, we have quality players upfront who I believe are able to get the job done. When out of possession, we need to let the opponent have less space between us with compact positioning and tough pressure in our own half.

Question: As you mentioned the importance of the match, I saw your words on the club’s social media saying you asked for massive, loud support tomorrow. Is this because of the importance of the match?

Andre: Yes, it is right. In the previous game I had goose bumps when fans were chanting and cheering us on at the entrance when we were getting off the coach and heading into the stadium. Thanks to the unexpected support, which is pretty common in Brazil, we were able to snatch the win easily. We could get another great result tomorrow as long as more fans come and fill up the stadium and create a good atmosphere.

Question: How’s Edgar? Can he play tomorrow?

Andre: I would like to say that having him rested out of the squad in the previous game is a precaution for tomorrow’s game. If I had got him to play in the league, he wouldn’t be able to play tomorrow. He will get involved with tomorrows’ game either starter or substitute.

Question: The third goal by Tsubasa in the previous game was absolutely beautiful. I saw you celebrating with ecstasy on the bench. How did you feel?

Andre: The reasons for such a celebration with big gestures was I was over the moon with the fact that what we had been working on in training for so long and seeing it carried out well on the pitch.

Question: How are you feeling ahead of Sanfrecce Hiroshima game?

Hong Jungwoon: I’d like to avenge the defeat in Japan when they [Sanfrecce] come to Daegu.

Question: From your experience of  the last game against the Japanese side, what aspects should Daegu FC be wary of?

Hong Jungwoon: I remember they are very good at direct and short passes. We should have been tougher dealing with them with more physical contact. This is our home game, we will play with in a tougher fashion in order to prevent them from building up play.

Question: What’s the atmosphere among the squad?

Hong Jungwoon: We bounced back at the weekend with a 3-0 win over Pohang, which restored our confidence and helped with the atmosphere [among the players]. We believe we can get the result as long as we stick to what we are good at.

Sanfrecce Hiroshima

Question: How are you feeling ahead of the match day four against Daegu FC?

Hiroshi Jofuku: I think this game is very important as the both teams are level on the points. We played very well at home, but this is going to be different away. We need to carefully prepare for the Brazilian duo Edgar and Cesinha with other young, pacey players. I want to return home with three points here.

Question: How did you spend three days between the games?

Hiroshi Jofuku: Three days is not long enough [to recover], but we might have been fatigued due to travel. But I believe that a strong mentality will decide tomorrow’s winner rather than fatigue issues.

Question: Do you expect a good result here as the last time at home?

Hiroshi Jofuku: I know we have the advantage (2-0 win over Daegu), but I would like to stay focused on this match only.

Question: Daegu FC have been unbeaten at home this season, and Sanfrecce Hiroshima haven’t had a good result against Korean clubs in ACL with two draws and two losses. Do you feel pressured?

Hiroshi Jofuku: I know Daegu have been playing well, and they have got a brand new stadium and good facilities. But we need to maintain our play of style with calm and reasonable judgement, rather than affected by the atmosphere in the stadium.

Question: How do you defend Daegu FC and Cesinha?

Sho Inagaki: I know he is quality player in Daegu, but we will defend collectively, rather than individually. We will make sure to hold on him tight.

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