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2019 Korean FA Cup Draw Rounds 1, 2 and 3

Korean FA Cup Draw Round 1, 2, 3.
The K League season is barely a week old old but already Korea's premier knockout competition, the FA Cup, is set to get underway. Round 1 kicked off on Saturday 10th March with teams from K3 Basic, the U-League as well as amateur leagues battling it out for place in the next round. Round 2 is set to kick off this Thursday in Suwon when Ajou University host Cheongju University with the winners before Sangju University and Dankook University battle it out on Friday for a third round tie against Daejeon Citizen. A full fixture list for rounds one to three of the 2019 KEB Hana Bank FA Cup.

In Round 1, teams from K3 Basic (division five), the teams who finished 11th to 25th in the U-League for university teams as well as amateur teams all enter the competition and will take to the field over the course of the weekend of 9th and 10th March 2019. Then, in Round 2, teams who finished sixth and below from K League Advanced (fourth division) nd university teams who finished in the top 10, will join the winners from Round 1.

Then, in Round 3 K League 2, National League (third division), and teams who finished in the top five of K League Advanced will join the winners of Round 2. Round 4 is where the big boys of K League 1 enter the fray.

Round 1

Saturday 9th March 2019

Hongik University 0-1 Dongook University 12:00
Chungju Tangeumdae Football Stadium, Chungju

Seoul Jungnang Chorus Mustang (K3B) 0-1 SMC Engineering 13:00
Jungang Sport Center, Seoul

Honam University 2-1 Byucksan Players FC 14:00
Honam University Artificial Field, Gwangju

Mokpo Christian Hospital 1-0 Pyeongchang FC (K3B) 14:00
Mokpo International Football Center Grass Ground A, Mokpo

Gimhae University 7-0 Ansan Gakdol 14:00
Gimhae University Stadium, Gimhae

Goyang Citizen (K3B) 1-3 Seoul United (K3B) 14:00
Goyang Eoulimnuri Byulmuri Stadium

Sangji University 2-1 Chodang University 14:00
Sangji University Field, Wonju

Ajou University 3-0 Yangju Citizen (K3B) 14:00
Ajou University Soccer Field, Suwon

Jeonju University 3-1 Kwangwoon University 15:00
Jeonju University Stadium, Jeonju

Kyunghee University 2-1 North Gwangju Marine Corps FC 15:30
Chungju Tangeumdae Football Stadium, Chungju

Dongducheon ONETEAM 1-3 FC Dongwoo 18:00
Dongducheon Playground, Dongducheon

Ulsan Citizen (K3B) 0-0 (4-5 pens) Yeonsei University 21:00
Ulsan Civic Stadium, Ulsan

Sunday 10th March 2019

Paichai University 1-3 Yeoju Sejong (K3B)13:00
Court Sports Park Soccer Field, Daejeon

Jeonju Citizen (K3B) 2-1 Dongshin University 14:00
Jeonju University Stadium, Jeonju

Yongin University 0-2 Gwangju University 14:00
Yongin Soccer Center 2 Stadium, Yongin

Songwol FC 1-3 Dongui University 14:00
Incheon Jung-gu National Sports Center, Incheon

Daedeok Winner Star 0-1 Andong University of Science 16:00
Court Sports Park Soccer Field, Daejeon

Round 2

Thursday 14th March 2019

Ajou University 1-0 Cheongju University 15:00
Ajou University Football Stadium

Friday 15th March 2019

Sangji University 3-5 Dankook University 14:00
Gangwon Sangju University Stadium

Saturday 16th March 2019

Yeoju Sejong (K3B) 0-2 Andong University of Science 13:00
Yongin Football Center Pitch 1

Dongui University 2-3 Hanyang University 14:00
Gimcheon University Stadium

Gimhae University 1-2 Yeungnam University 14:00
Jinyeoung Public Stadium

Honam University 5-4 Pyeongtaek Citizen (K3A) 14:00
Homan University Astroturf Pitch

Mokpo Christian Hospital 1-6 Hwaseong FC (K3A) 14:00
Mokpo Football Center 

Paju Citizen (K3B) 3-1 Gwangju University 14:00
Paju Stadium

Seoul United (K3B) 1-3 Soongsil University 14:00
Namyang Football Center 

Yongin University 3-0 SMC Engineering 14:00
Yongin Sports Park

Incheon University 1-0 Kyunghee University 15:00
Incheon University Stadium

Yangpyeong FC (K3A) 3-0 Ulsan University 15:00
Yongmun Sports Park

Jeonju University 1-0 Catholic Kwandong University 15:00
Jeonju University Stadium

Shiheung Citizen (K3A) 0-1 Jeonju Citizen (K3B) 15:00
Jungwang Sports Park

Chungju (K3A) 5-0 FC Dongwoo 16:00
Tangeum Grand Park Football Ground

Yeonsei University 3-1 Dongook University 16:00
Yongin Football Center Pitch 1

Cheongju FC (K3A) 3-0 Jungang University 19:00
Cheongju Civic Stadium

Round 3

Wednesday 27th March 2019

FC Pocheon (K3A) 2-2 (2-1 pens) Gimhae City (NL) 14:00
Pocheon Civic Stadium, Pocheon

Gimpo Citizen (K3A) 4-0 Yeonsei University 14:00
Gimpo Civic Stadium

Hwaseong FC (K3A) 3-2 Ansan Greeners (K2) 14:00
Hwaseong Civic Stadium Auxiliary Pitch, Hwaseong

Paju Citizen (K3B) 4-0 Ajou University 14:00
Paju Stadium, Paju

Yeungnam University 1-1 (8-7 pens) Soongsil University 14:00
Yeungnam University Stadium, Gyeongsan

Busan IPark (K2) 0-1 Cheonan City (NL) 15:00
Gudeok Stadium, Busan

Changwon City (NL) 3-0 Hanyang University 15:00
Changwon Football Center Pitch 2

Chuncheon Citizen (K3A) 0-1 Honam University 15:00
Songam Sports Town, Chuncheon

FC Anyang (K2) 5-1 Icheon Citizen (K3A) 15:00
Bisan Sports Park Grass Pitch, Anyang

Mokpo City (NL) 1-0 Jeonju Citizen (K3B) 15:00
Mokpo International Football Center

Suwon FC (K2) 6-0 Chungju Citizen (K3A) 19:00
Suwon Civic Stadium

Yongin University 2-2 (3-4 pens) Andong University of Science 15:00
Yongin University Stadium, Yongin

Asan Mugunghwa (K2) 0-0 (4-5 pens) Yangpyeong FC (K3A) 19:00
Yisunsin Stadium, Asan

Busan Transportation Corporation (NL) 2-3 Gyeongju KHNP (NL) 19:00
Gudeok Stadium, Busan

Cheongju FC (K3A) 1-0 Incheon University 19:00
Cheongju Civic Stadium

Daejeon Citizen (K2) 2-2 (3-4 pens) Dankook University 19:00
Daejeon World Cup Stadium

Daejeon Korail (NL) 2-1 Jeonju University 19:00
Hanbat Stadium, Daejeon

Gyeongju Citizen (K3A) 0-1 Gangneung City (NL) 19:00
Gyeongju Football Park Pitch 3

Jeonnam Dragons (K2) 0-1 Gwangju FC (K2) 19:00
Gwangyang Football Stadium, Gwangyang

Bucheon FC 1995 (K2) 1-2 Seoul E-Land (K2) 19:30
Bucheon Civic Stadium, Bucheon

Key Dates

1st Round 9th & 10th March 2019
2nd Round 16th & 17th March 2019
3rd Round Wednesday 27th March 2019
4th Round (Round of 32) Wednesday 17th April
5th Round (Round of 16) Wednesday 15th May
Quarter Finals Wednesday 3rd July
Semifinal Leg 1 Wednesday 17th July
Semifinal Leg 2 Wednesday 7th August
Final 1st Leg TBC
Final 2nd Leg TBC

Please note that times and locations are subject to change so please check before travelling.

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