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From The Stands: Busan Transportation Corporation Football Club Foreign Supporters

The Busan Transportation Corporation Football Club Foreign Supporters

The latest instalment in our 'From The Stands' series delves below the two K League divisions and into Korea's National League to speak with the foreign supporters of Busan Transportation Corporation Football Club. With a massive FA Cup fixture against Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors next month, now seems the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with one of the country's  better-known foreign supporters sections. We spoke with Adrian Lord to find out more about the group.

Group Background

Who are the Busan Transportation Corporation Football Club Foreign Supporters?

We are the foreign supporters of the Busan Transportation Corporation Football Club who play in the National League, which is the third level of domestic Korean football.

Where is your HQ?

Our home bar is Galmegi Brewing in Nampo. Bill, the owner, has made our group very welcome by offering discount beer and pizza after home games. At the end of last season we gave him a match worn shirt which he proudly displays on the wall.

Where did your name come from?

It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it describes exactly who we are.

Any custom gear?

No custom gear as such, but the club has made us a banner reading “designated section for foreign supporters” for our spot at Gudeok Stadium. Since seats are unallocated, and we always sit in the same area, this is a very kind gesture from the club which reserves our preferred area at home games. Although the banner says “foreign”, anyone is welcome to join us.

Where can someone find out about you online?

We have a Facebook group, just search for “Busan Transportation Corporation Supporters Fanpage”. All match information and supporter chat is in this forum.

Contact person?

The fastest way to contact us is by posting in the Facebook group.

At The Stadium

Does your section have a name? Do you share the section with other groups?

As explained, we sit in the “designated section for foreign supporters”, which is found at the top of the main stand. We did invite the Korean supporters, known as “The Soju Drinkers”, to join us, but they prefer to watch from low down on the far side.

What does your group’s game day look like?

We usually pick up a four-for-ten import beer deal at a convenience store and meet up in our usual spot at Gudeok Stadium. After the game we head to Galmegi Brewing for either post game celebrations or to let off some steam about a disappointing result.

What is the group’s favourite chants/songs?

Our signature chant is “Gimme a B”, spelling out each letter of Busan Transportation Corporation Football Club. We typically make this the first chant after half time, and Alex Mann does a great job of using his teacher voice for the good of the team.


How far is the group willing to travel?

The furthest we have travelled is to Gangneung City, right at the opposite end of the country. We made a weekend of it by watching Samsung Lions baseball in Daegu on the Friday night, and Daejeon Citizen on the way home on the Sunday afternoon.

Is there a supporters bus for away games?

We usually take public transport to away games, but we have managed to get a ride home on the team bus in the past!

If you can’t make it to the game, where can you meet?

We don’t really have fan get-togethers outside of games, but during the off season we quite often go to watch the Busan KT Sonic Boom basketball team.

Do you have watch parties?

Busan Transport don’t have televised games, however, we are having watch parties for the World Cup this summer.

Fun Facts

What is the greatest game in Busan Transport history?

The greatest game was beating Gyeongnam in the FA Cup back in 2011. Club legend Cha Cheol-ho secured his place in Busan Transport history by scoring the goal that not only gave us a giant killing, but a giant killing against a local K League side.

What makes Busan Transportation Corporation Football Club Foreign Supporters one of the best groups in the National League?

We have a great group of people and a fantastic relationship with the club, right from the chairman to the bus driver. Everyone is welcome to join us, and anyone thinking of watching a game should certainly get in touch. Gimme a B!

We'd like to extend our thanks to Adrian Lord once again for taking the time to answer these questions. If you are living in Busan and would like to know more about the group, make sure to apply to join their Facebook group here.

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