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K League Coach: Uroš Đerić Scouting Report

Gangwon FC's Uroš Đerić Scouting Report
Whenever a player comes into the K League and hits the ground running in their first season the larger clubs will quickly start looking at what they may be able to bring to their team. As Uroš Đerić continued his fine goal-scoring form to help Gangwon claim a point against FC Seoul in round 13, we take a look at what the Serbian forward brings to the Gangwon attack, and what other teams scouts may be thinking.
(Image via K League)

Game Information

Team: Gangwon
Opposition: FC Seoul
Date: April 13th 2018
Competition: K League 1 Round 13
Number of report: No. 1

Match Overview

Gangwon scored late to earn a share of the spoils at home to FC Seoul. Both teams sit in the bottom half of the league but Gangwon are the second highest scorers in the league, behind only table-topping Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. Though Seoul may argue they had more attempts on goal, Gangwon controlled the flow of the game in the second half and can feel they got what they deserved.


Excluding attempts on goal, Đerić was on the ball 13 times in the first half and 21 times in the second, 34 times in total.

first half touches
During the first half, Đerić offered an outlet for the under pressure Gangwon defence. A lot of the balls were long aerial clearances that left Đerić often trying to simply lay off or flick on meaning a lot of Đerić's play was two touch or less. He rarely had a chance to turn on the ball or receive it facing goal. A lot of this play was far from goal due to the fact that, as soon as Gangwon got possession, they would look immediately to hit Đerić.

second half touches
In the second half, Gangwon did a much better job of moving play forward and then looking to hit Đerić when closer to or in the penalty box. This meant Đerić was able to link play in much more dangerous areas. The vast majority of these actions still being two touches or less, though. However, one of his most vital actions during the game was a last minute clearance off the line following a Seoul corner.

Across both halves, Đerić only touched the ball twice outside the width of the penalty and rarely managed to dispossess one of the Seoul defenders. Đerić stays central and relies on his strength and size to win contests. He didn't try to drag defenders out of position and lacks speed as shown with a lack of movement behind defenders or failing to trouble them when pressing.


There was a significant shift in how Gangwon tried to create shooting opportunities. Gangwon attempted to find Đerić as often and as early as possible in the first half, with limited success.

first half service
Gangwon crossed a lot of balls towards Đerić in the first half, with all but one either being cleared or sailing through the box. Đerić was often outnumbered and crosses were commonly thrown in when Seoul had an organised defence prepared to deal with the ball. The accuracy of the delivery meant Đerić was fighting long odds.

second half service
Though Gangwon still focused their build-up play around Đerić (as shown in his second-half touches) their strategy for providing him with shooting opportunities differed greatly. Rather than crossing as soon as possible they were far more patient. Though this resulted in them looking to line up less shooting opportunities, they were in much better areas and the final ball was into feet. Two of these three attempts were successful in giving Đerić the chance to shoot on goal, beating the large amount of crosses Gangwon delivered in the first half.


Over the course of the game, Đerić had three attempts on goal, one in the first half and two in the second.
first half attempts
One of the crosses in the first half managed to find Đerić on the edge of the six-yard box. Stooping low, he was able to force a good save from Seoul goalkeeper Yang Hangbin with a diving header going into the far post.

second half attempts
With Gangwon's new method of providing service for Đerić, they were twice able to get the ball into his feet inside the penalty box. The first chance tested the goalkeeper, the second was the equalising goal; all three of Đerić's attempts were on target and made the goalkeeper work.

Style of Play

  • Đerić operates as a traditional target man for Gangwon. He relies on his size and strength to offer himself as a focal point to play off.
  • He takes few touches on the ball and quickly looks to bring in teammates and move to position himself centrally and near the goal.
  • Đerić keeps himself within the width of the penalty box, posting up against the centre half. He doesn't look to pull into channels or offer in behind, lacking the mobility for attacking strategies such as these.
  • When Gangwon were able to deliver the ball to Đerić he was excellent in front of goal, both with his feet and head. Deliveries must be accurate due to his lack of mobility but when he was found, Đerić put all of his chances on target testing the goalkeeper or scoring. When given the right supply Đerić will score goals.
  • He also offered a great out ball for the under pressure Gangwon defence. Gangwon were often able to bring back all other players knowing that Đerić alone would be able to hold up the ball for them to build off.
  • Đerić is an asset both attacking and defending set pieces.
  • There is a large reliance on his teammates to create the final opportunity for him. Đerić lacks the creativity or speed to take on defenders. As with his build-up pay, Đerić's attempts on goal will be one or two touches.
  • There must be willing runners around Đerić to capitalise on any counter attacks. He rarely turns on the ball or wants to carry it, even if a breakaway presents itself.
  • Đerić may struggle to play other roles or positions, he would limit a teams flexibility.
  • If a team wish to play a high intensity pressing system Đerić may struggle

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