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The K League United Elimination Game - Round 5

The competitors continue to fall as we enter the fifth round of the K League United Elimination Challenge and, with a Super Match on the cards this upcoming weekend plus some tricky second tier fixtures, players will soon have to start taking risks with their choices. 
(Image via SeongnamFC.com)

Round Four Roundup

A relatively bloodless weekend, only seven players lost a life, and three of those were from not choosing. We have two more players eliminated. Dani Glez and John Cassidy both picked in round one then never picked again. The biggest head to head match was when six players chose Seoul and Incheon to not lose; both groups of people chose wisely. Other heads to head were two players choosing poorly for Jeju to not lose at home against the lone Suwon supporter Scott Whitelock. Two Daegu supporters
and one Jeonnam supporter all chose wisely in a game that ended in a draw. One brave man chose Daejeon against one brave man choosing Gwangju. Daejeon would win that game.

Seven players are perfect, 19 players have two lives, 12 players have one life, and five players are already looking forward to next year.
Jon Christian

Becky Webb3
James Edrupt3
Jon Christian3
Lex Nadene3
Paul Carver3
Ross Davis3
Won-bin Bae3
Adam Hicks (round 2)2
Branko Belan2
Dan Croydon2
Dan Lovell2
Ferdinand Scheibl2
Jack Murland2
James Mckeon2
Luke Evans2
Mark Kelly (round 2)2
Matthew Binns2
Phil Mason2
Ryan Walker2
Ryan Walters2
Scott Whitelock2
Steve Price2
Todd Wilde2
Viva La K-League2
Adhitya Pratama (R 2)1
Alex Cook (round 2)1
Andy Clay1
Chris Sink (Round 3)1
David Hill1
David Yoon (Round 3)1
Jonny Cook (round 2)1
Kevin (round 2)1
Michael Welch (Round 2)1
Mike O’Neil1
Stephen Waddell1
Tim Barnes1
Ansan Supporters0
Dani Deudermont Glez0
John Cassidy0
Kyle Gobler (Round 2)0
Paul Neat0


The rules to the game continue to be very simple. In fact, if you do not know them by now, then there is some concern. Choose a team per round that will not lose, without selecting a side you have picked in an earlier stage of the competition. Every time the team you select loses, a life is taken away from you. When you reach zero lives, it is sadly game over for you. The last person standing is the victor!

You must submit your team 24 hours prior to the first kick off of the round. In the case of this round, the deadline is Friday April 6th at 2:00pm KST.

Every player who entered the competition from the first round was given three lives to begin with, and some still have all of them remaining. Unfortunately, if you have not entered this tournament in the prior three rounds, you now sadly cannot join. The deadline for new entrants passed in round three.

For those still in the competition, in round four we switched to form entry only so players cannot see what others have selected. Shortly after the deadline passes, a confirmed table will be published on our Twitter account so people can see what other competitors have selected going into the weekend. If you forgot to enter in round four, and some of you did, please make sure to include your Twitter/Facebook handle from the early rounds so we can link your previous choices to your email.

If you do not submit your team in the form at the bottom of this article before the deadline, you will lose a life.

If you wish to change your side after submitting, please contact Jon Christian or site editor Matthew Binns, or leave your request in the comments section below this page, the original tweet or Facebook post and we will make sure to get to it. Make sure to announce your change prior to the deadline.


Besides glory, we are also giving away a K League United kit (both shirt and shorts), in addition to a standard match ticket (home or away) for any competition featuring a K League side playing in Korea in the current or following season. Tickets will not be offered for matches outside of the country.

For those wishing to partake from outside of the Korea peninsula, the K League United kit will be sent out to you free of charge via a standard international shipping service.


We will only be playing the game for weekend fixtures when both K League 1 and K League 2 teams are in action together. There are also no plans for midweek rounds at present. If this changes, competitors will be notified by their submitted email address.

Upcoming fixtures for the first round are as follows:

Saturday 7th April
Incheon United vs Jeonnam Dragons
Gyeongnam FC vs Daegu FC
Ansan Greeners vs Suwon FC
FC Anyang vs Daejeon Citizen
Asan Mugunghwa vs Bucheon 1995

Sunday 8th April
Suwon Samsung Bluewings vs FC Seoul
Pohang Steelers vs Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors
Jeju United vs Sangju Sangmu
Ulsan Hyundai vs Gangwon FC
Busan IPark vs Gwangju FC
Seoul E-Land vs Seongnam FC

Entry Form

Please submit your team via the entry form below.

Using a mobile device? If you'd prefer a more mobile friendly version of the form, click here.

May the odds be forever in your favour!

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