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The #KLeagueFM18 Challenges: Citizens Unite! [Part 5]

 The shock on all Daejeon Citizens fans faces when they see a cup run and strong league performances. We will need all their support for this part as we face more matches in a short space of time than ever before. Fa Cup against Bucheon 1995 being the main draw of the schedule.  

Previous Installments: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Prematch comparisons

With the games coming thick and fast, squad rotation will be key for keeping the players fresh here and that's what I have in mind for Anyang away. Anyang are somewhat under performing in 7th, but with three wins on the bounce this could be a hard game.

Now that we are already nine games into the season I like to have a quick look at how we are performing individually in comparison to the league. Individually it is not looking very good with Seoul E-Land winning pretty much all the player awards so far, but as a team we are superb.

We have conceded the least amount of goals with only 8, kept the most clean sheets subsequently with 3 and boast two more accolades. With most tackles won at 85% and one I'm the most proud of being highest average possession in the league with an outstanding 57.56%. Although you can win the league with less than 50% I feel like this is a marker for success, being that we play 3 cm's.

Before the Anyang match, rumors are well and truly flowing around Hwang In-Beon leaving the club, he is attracting attention from everyone even cash rich Jeonbuk. That 3 year deal is really looking like good bit of business now especially with him being the most talented player at the club.

Anyang Away

Anyang might be under performing as a team but individually they have strong members, with the likes of Lukian from Busan scoring 4 goals in 8 games being a big threat. Luckily due to Anyang's financial status they're having huge morale problems with players wanting to leave maybe some will join me next year?

Squad changes of Chang-Hyun back into the line up, with my strikers being constantly interchanged I really need to decide who will lead the line. Plus Ho-Suk whingeing about game time gets a start today.

We look well up for this game even the travelling support are in good voice, passing the ball around nicely for the first twenty minutes everything seems to be going to script. Chang-Hyun has a chance to prove that he should be the leading man, with a one on one from a tight angle but he misses just wide of the right post. I'm scribbling down notes to change him at half time if this keeps up. I can feel Dae-Hoon's eyes burning a hole in the back of my head after that miss.

The notebook has gone in the bin as Chang-Hyun collects the ball from a simple pass, he dips his shoulder to the right just outside the box and hits it with all his might into the net. Runs off celebrating pumping the air this is the desire I want from my striker, he's in. 1-0 Daejeon 43rd minute.

Anyang are being bled out of this game with only having 34% of the ball in this first half they haven't mustered any attempts on our goal so far, we look like a well drilled team here. No changes at half time just more of the same hopefully.

We are in complete control, another of our efforts on the Anyang goal just skims the top of the bar, Daejeon fans at the other end of the stadium thought it was in. The big banner of Chang-Hyun's face has had to be dragged down.

Anyang's rare foray into our half has led to a free kick for Anyang from just outside the box. Well that is a rocket, Anyang's Dae-Jong scores an amazing free kick right into the corner, our keeper looks like hes got concrete in his boots. 1-1. Our players look awestruck where did that come from.

Instant substitution as the fresh legs of Sung-Su is coming on in the middle.

Minutes whiz by with nothing happening just simple passes and interceptions, till the 77th when Sung-Su picks up the ball runs past his marker and with a delightful pass puts through Chang-Hyun for his second of the game, 2-1 Daejeon. Instant substitution more like instant impact, great response by the players.

We look set for the 2-1 victory here as a red card for Anyang in the 90th after two silly fouls back to back means we're verses 10 men. Great victory, apart from the wonderful free kick we didn't look like losing this game, well played Chang-Hyun. Get that banner back up everyone needs to see his beautiful cheeky face.

MoTM my new main striker Moon Chang-Hyun

Although we win it's already getting tight at the top, with Suwon Fc and Seongnam trying to run away with it having 20 points each. Going into the next game against disappointing Gyeongnam might be more of a key game, than we thought this early in the season.

Gyeongnam Home

Our second game against Gyeongnam this season sees us playing the home leg, the away leg finished two nil to the good guys so let's hope for a repeat. The original line up is back and Chang-Hyun starts as my new permanent leading man. Also nice to see players bonding with links being formed already, the weeks of team bonding over Korean BBQ seems to have worked.


Kick off Gyeongnam

The first 35 minutes were about as bland as the 30 travelling Gyeongnam fans attempting to sing, we can't seem to get into the game and with the referee's constant stoppages our rhythm is non-existent.

However, things hot up when a freekick to Gyeongnam is palmed right into Ji-Su to nip in for 1-0 for them, our last two games we have looked increasingly frail at defending set pieces. Really need to look at changing the tactics maybe two on the line needs to change.

My voice is nearly gone after shouting at the players to not let their heads drop, we can still win this. Great play by Sang-Hoon at LB who has been standout since the injury crisis, his trickery on the wing causes problems for Gyeongnam, his pass finds Chang-Hyun who blasts at the keeper. He can't hold it and the ball falls to Rae-Se to score, it's 1-1 both from poor goalkeeper handling.

Second Half means three changes, higher tempo and bringing 2 strikers upfront. Hoping to spice the second half display up and capitalize on the dominant possession we have. Plus we need to inspire the fans, the stadium is feeling like a library right now.

Our tactics change has the opposite affect as nothing happens for either team and the game finishes boringly 1-1. Not scoring many but only conceding one at the most so, some positives to take but considering Gyeongnam's position this should of been a game to win. Luckily both Seongnam and Suwon had to play each other and they drew, so it's not points lost entirely.

Bucheon in 7 days, then 3 days later Bucheon again in the FA Cup. Learning from my lesson of resting all our players before our match in the FA Cup, This time I'm only resting 3 players. We are away so any result here against 6th place Bucheon would be fairly good. Considering the main focus is to scout how they play for the FA Cup game 3 days later.

Bucheon 1995 Away (League Game)

Three changes to the usual team line up, Sung-Su makes his way in over the 32 year old in the center just for fitness. Also Jae-Woo in the defence to cover for the aging Jin-Kyu with eyes firmly on the cup.

We lost to Bucheon last time, maybe redemption is on the cards. Kick off starts with, loud cheers of the Daejeon faithful echoing in the empty stadium.

Another drab opening for us again in back to back games, so far it's been a much ado about nothing, with both teams having chances but nothing real. Time to shout some 'Fighting' again. Ten minutes later we seem a bit more enthusiastic a corner for us is lofted in at the near post for Sin-Young to flick with all his neck muscles past the keeper to make it 1-0! He runs off to our fans who have a great view of the opener.

A dominating first half display by Daejeon away here.

Just like the Gyeongnam second half, we decide to change things up with bringing an extra attacker on in Dae-Hoon and Lee Ho-Suk for Chan-Hee. These changes should of brought a more attacking second half but again a very boring second half. Not a single highlight of note, maybe Bucheon are hiding something for the cup?

Nevertheless holding the lead for another 1-0 win. Common scoreline of only one goal but enough to get us across the line. Hopefully we perform this well in the cup game against them in 3 days.

Other score line on the day was Busan at home to Asan which finished in a 6-5 victory to Busan. Should of commentated that game sorry.

FA Cup Bucheon 1995

As I mentioned in the previous part, I'm taking the FA Cup very serious and have been willing to lose potential points in the league for progression. Seeing as we just beat Bucheon away, this is a good sign for them having to travel to us for the Cup game.

The usual line up comes back, and training is postponed for resting sessions. 6 games unbeaten for us in all competitions. The press and bookies are hailing us as favorites for this clash, lets hope they're correct I really want to play Pohang.

Line ups for both teams are very similar to our main line ups so clearly both teams taking this seriously, worryingly Waguinho starts up front with 12 goals in 11 starts.

The stadium is as packed as I've ever seen it even with heavy rain, time for kick off. Players look nervous so a quick shout of relax might do the trick, even though shouting at players to relax might do the opposite effect...

Looking like the after effects of the relaxing is working as a, incredible fluke of a shot bounces again off a defenders face. What is with the FA Cup and us hitting the ball into faces. The ball deflects massively heading into the corner of the goal but an amazing save stops it from being 1-0 to us. Still 0-0 in the 20th.

Direct from the goal kick, we win the ball back and after a string of 20-30 passes. Frustrating the Bucheon team to come out from the defence to close down our passing, a gap forms for Gwan-Pyo to pounce in. Hand in the air shouting for the ball a great pass finds him open and he calmly dispatches it for 1-0. This is total football here wonderful to see especially in the rain. The commentators are calling it a 'Superb Team Goal'.

30th minute, Chan-Hee is cutting the 34 year old Bucheon left back into pieces his dribbling skills are being shown here. He makes space for a drilled cross into the box, which is met by Chang-Hyun who scuffs his shot but it goes right into the bottom corner for 2-0. We are running riot here 70% possession as well.

A cross by Bucheon, bumbles on the floor, with no players around him Sin-Young only has to put his foot through it to clear. He does the opposite in an attempted clearance he scoops it in his own net. Poor, very poor but still winning 2-1.

Half time, Eun Sung-Su is coming on for a slight knock to our midfield, nothing else changes. 45 minutes left till the next round is ours. I can almost taste the road trip kimchi to Pohang. An injury to Sung-Hoon ends his wonderful night on comes Joo-sung. Still holding the lead and controlling the game. A innocent looking corner is taken short, we rush out to meet the Bucheon player outside the box. No sooner had we got there he had whacked the ball into the goal.Things are turning sour here. Only their second shot and its in.

We are going into extra time for the second time in the cup run, severely unlucky to not win in regulation with a own goal and a goal of the season contender.


Extra time kicking off. The shots keep coming as now Gwan-Pyo gets a free header but he puts it too close to the keeper, easily saved. I wonder if our extra time luck has finally run out, it would be terrible to go out against a side clearly going for penalties from the off.

It's in! again on the stroke of half time a cross into the box meets the head of captain Jin-Kyu to power into the net, 2-1!!!! Not long to hold on here. Bucheon down to 10 as a two yellow cards to the man marking Chan-Hee all games means he's gone. Surely we can hold now!

That's game the resulting free kick is took short Ho-Suk has more energy than the rest and runs past everyone to nestle the ball into the corner 4-2 game over we are through. Great victory for the team! Now on to see who made it through in the other leg, Pohang won 3-1 away. So we are now travelling to Pohang for the Quarters.


We carry on our unbeaten run, through the league and cup, playing Bucheon twice. The next part will be the hardest run of games so far, leaders Seongnam followed by free scoring Busan then off to second place Suwon FC. 

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