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The K League United Elimination Game - Round 2

The K League United Elimination Game - Round Two

With only a few competitors losing a life in round one, we enter the second stage of the K League United Elimination game with nearly a clean bill of health. With the window still open for entry, can you predict which team will not lose in the K League this weekend?
(Photo via GyeongnamFC.com)

Round One Roundup

Here is a summary of the first round, courtesy of K League United supporter and avid Jeonbuk fan Jon Christian, who has kindly offered to adapt the format from a competition held previously in Jeonbuk supporters group Los Cruzados Verdes and run it league wide across our site.

After the first round of the Elimination Challenge, 88% of participants made smart choices. Paul Neat, Scott Whitelock, David Hill, and Ansan Supporters all chose… poorly. 

Competitors stuck with mostly safe choices. Nearly half of the players (15 of 32) were in head-to-head matches, though the odds were in favour of the majority this week. Paul Neat chose his beloved Daejeon Citizen while three other players, including this one, chose Bucheon 1995, Scott Whitelock and David Hill chose Daegu as two other players chose Pohang, and Ansan Supporters, being forever loyal to their home, took the Greeners over the most picked club this week Asan who had five players backing them. 

Be cautious of sticking with a group. This IS a competition, and there will be one winner with over 30 losers. Bloody weekends occur every so-often. 

The game is once again open to new players to join in round 2, though they will begin with only two lives. 

If you’re thinking ahead, and you should be, remember that this game is only played on rounds that both leagues (K League 1 and K League 2) play. The game is paused for many Wednesday night games when only the K League 1 will be playing as well as through the World Cup Break when the K-League 2 will continue playing without the K-League 1. Plan accordingly. 

Last week, people chose the following teams. They cannot choose them again.

AsanMatthew Binns, Bobby Brown, Paul Carver, Branko, Becky Webb, Jack Murland
Suwon FCJames Edrupt, Stephen Waddell, Dani Deudermont Glez, Todd Wilde
GangwonLex Nadene, Steve Price, Mike O’Neill,이재혁,
Gyeongnam@czarryno, Ryan Walters, Won-bin
BucheonJon Christian, James Mckeon, Incheon Luke
Jeonbuk@6thofJun, Tim Barnes
JejuRoss Davis, Andy Clay
DaeguDavid Hill, Scott Whitelock
PohangDan Croydon, Phil Mason
BusanViva La K-League, John Cassidy
GwangjuDan Lovell
DaejeonPaul Neat,
AnsanAnsan Supporters,

The current lives table is as follows;

Viva La K-League3
Dan Croydon3
Tim Barnes3
Steve Price3
James Edrupt3
Stephen Waddell3
Ross Davis3
James Mckeon3
Andy Clay3
Dani Deudermont Glez3
Ryan Walters3
Matthew Binns3
Jon Christian3
Mike O’Neil3
Dan Lovell3
Paul Carver3
Incheon Luke3
Todd Wilde3
Won-bin Bae3
Branko Belan3
Phil Mason3
Becky Webb3
John Cassidy3
Jack Murland3
David Hill2
Scott Whitelock2
Ansan Supporters2
Paul Neat2


The rules to the game are very simple. Each week you are required to choose one team from the upcoming weekend's fixtures that you think will not lose their game.

The catch? Once you have chosen your team, you cannot choose that side again in later rounds. For example, if I choose "FC Seoul" in the first round, I cannot use them again and will have to choose a different team for later rounds. Therefore, think carefully about who you select!

You must submit your team 24 hours prior to the first kick off of the round. In the case of this round, the deadline is Friday March 9th at 2:00pm KST.

Every player who entered the competition from the first round was given three lives to begin with, and most still have three. Those who wish to enter the competition from the second round can still do so but will start with two lives. New players can enter up until the third round, where they will be given just one life, so enter now rather than wait another week. Entry for new contestants will close by the fourth round.

If the team you select loses their fixture, you lose a life. If you lose all your lives, then we are afraid it is game over for you.

If you also do not enter your team by the deadline, you are disqualified for that particular round and are docked one life.

To win the game, simply be the final competitor standing.


Besides the glory, we are also offering up a K League United kit (both shirt and matching shorts), in addition to a standard match ticket (home or away) for any competition featuring a K League side playing in Korea in the current or following season. Tickets will not be offered for matches outside of the country.

For those wishing to partake from outside of the Korea peninsula, the K League United kit will be sent out to you free of charge via a standard international shipping service.


We will only be playing the game for weekend fixtures when both K League 1 and K League 2 teams are in action together. There are no plans for midweek rounds at present. If this changes, competitors will be notified by their submitted email address (which will be required to compete from round four onwards).

Upcoming fixtures for the first round are as follows:

Saturday 10th March
Incheon United vs Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors
Daegu FC vs Suwon Samsung Bluewings
Gyeongnam FC vs Jeju United
Ulsan Hyundai vs Sangju Sangmu
Seongnam vs Gwangju FC
Asan Mugunghwa vs Suwon FC

Sunday 11th March
Jeonnam Dragons vs Pohang Steelers
FC Seoul vs Gangwon FC
FC Anyang vs Bucheon FC 1995
Ansan Greeners vs Daejeon Citizen
Seoul E-Land vs Busan I'Park

How To Enter

Entry throughout the competition is free. To enter this round, just comment with your team name below this article, or on the competition's Facebook or Twitter post (also leaving your full name with the prediction if it is not stated in your user handle) before 2:00pm on Friday 9th March. It really is that simple.

So go on, what is there to lose?

Please Note: You may only submit one choice before the deadline. In these first three rounds, if you wish to change your choice, please delete your original comment to avoid any confusion.

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