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K-League Football Manager 2017

With the 2016 season all but wrapped up, most K-League fans will be left ruing what could have been as they saw their team underachieve or not aspire to the high aims the fans had set. Fortunately, with the release of Football Manager 2017, you can turn back the clock and relive the year in the way you envisaged it! Perhaps you can find that strong centre-back your team has been in desperate need of, or employ that experimental 3-2-3-2 formation which you feel has some real merits if applied correctly.

We at K League United strongly encourage you to do so, and that is why we are not only suggesting some challenges for you to try in your spare time, but we would like to feature your attempts at doing so!

This can be done in a number of ways, ranging from tagged screenshots on social media to links to your own personal blog posts documenting your tactics and escapades in finer detail. We are happy to feature them all! Here’s how to get involved:

1. Pick a Challenge from our list below!

There are a number of interesting and exciting K-League challenges to choose from, ranging both in time and difficulty, as well as testing out some of the games latest features like Fantasy Draft Mode. If there is a challenge you’d like to set yourself, then also feel free to mention it and enter.

2. Complete the Form

Enter your details in the form below so we can contact you and feature your attempts. You will be required to include your name, what method you will use to showcase your progress (e.g. Twitter or Instagram handles, or your own personal blog) which we can link to, and the challenge you wish to take on. Also make sure to include whether you will be partaking the challenge using the full version of Football Manager 2017 or the Touch edition on tablets and smart phones. Both are accepted, but make sure to let us know before you start.

3. Get playing!

Start taking on the challenge as soon as you are ready to do so. Make sure to take screenshots of key events, monthly board reviews/league tables and your tactics if necessary. If you are using social media to showcase your results, then make sure to tag your details using the hashtag #KLeagueFM17. If you are running this challenge on your own blog, then make sure to notify us of the link to each updated post either by our Twitter, Facebook or our email kleaguefooty@gmail.com. We will also be scouring the submitted blogs and hashtags weekly to feature the best in our K-League FM17 Challenge update posts.

4. Keep an eye on the site to see how we get on!

Having told you what they think is wrong with your team all year, we’re offering you the opportunity to make a fool of our writers! A number of our columnists will also be regularly featuring their efforts both on the site and via social media so make sure to watch out for their progress and offer them your best “backseat manager” criticism advice.


We will only be basing these challenges on the official launch edition of Football Manager 2017 game and database, although, as mentioned, we will allow for both the full version and Touch editions to be used, as long as they are specified beforehand. We’d also like no changes made to the in-game editor to ensure all challengers are on a level playing field. We also be running large databases for both the K-League Classic and Challenges leagues starting from Jan 2016 (the default setting). However, please also make sure to specify in early on any additional leagues you may choose to run in addition to these two. Specifics for Fantasy Draft mode objectives will be mentioned in the challenge details.

Finally, if you take one of our challenges, please try your best to complete it without restarting. The joy of Football Manager is quite often the journey and, while it may detract from achieving your objective, it allows for others to learn from your experience. This game is brand new for everyone, so partaking in communal challenges such as this will assist everyone in seeking out new players, tactics and features. Your mistake could help save someone else taking on another task.

Ultimately, this is aimed to be a fun and exciting exercise that will take place over the winter months until the 2017 recommences in March, so please enjoy it and partake in a positive manner.

We really look forward to seeing your best attempts, undiscovered wonder kids and risqué tactics.


Please take a look at our challenges below and read the details carefully before selecting one!

  1. Match The Stadium: Many K-League teams play in glorious stadiums built for the 2002 World Cup. These 55,000+ capacity behemoths are a sight to behold... but the teams rarely match. Take one of the World Cup stadium teams and make them a powerhouse of Asian football. 
  2. The Treble: Win the FA Cup, K League, and AFC Champions League in a single season.
  3. Relegation Save: Run your game till late September and take over a club that's in 12th. Save them from relegation and finish in Championship Round the following year.
  4. Challenge Champs: Win AFC Champions League with a team currently in K-League Challenge
  5. Time Traveler: Take a team relegated from the classic this year and turn back the clock to turn their fortunes around. Have them qualify for the Champions League within three seasons.
  6. The Invincibles: Do what Jeonbuk couldn't quite pull off this year: go undefeated on your way to the League Cup and win at least one more trophy just for good measure.
  7. Citizens Unite!: Stand up to the Korean Chaebols by leading a citizen club to title glory. 
    1. K-League Classic citizen clubs: Gwangju FC, Incheon United, Seongnam FC, Suwon FC
    2. K-League Challenge citizen clubs: FC Anyang, Bucheon 1995, Daegu FC, Daejeon Citizen, Gangwon FC, Gyeongnam FC
  8. Put the K in K-Leauge: Win K-League with an all Korean roster.
  9. Play The Kids: Start with any team and adhere to a transfer policy of only signing players under the age of 21 and win the title. Any players on the roster currently over 21 must be sold.
  10. Director Of Football: Win the title while allowing the Director of Football to make all of the decisions.You're responsible only for running team training and tactics. The Director of Football handles scouting, contracts and transfers, and you must accept every decision they make.
  11. Academics: Start with any team (Classic or Challenge) and win the title while fielding only homegrown players that have come through the academy. Foreign players trained at the club are allowed, but the 3+1 roster rules will still be in effect.
  12. Money Man: Start in K-League Challenge as a Sunday league footballer with National B licence. Take over your team and ensure that at no point in time does a player earn more than you. This also means selling all players on the current roster who make more than you. Then earn promotion for the squad.
  13. True Patriot: Take over at the Korean National Team manager and only select players from K-League. Then win the AFC Asian Cup and make it out of the group stage in the World Cup.
  14. World Domination: Win every continent's Champions League after starting your career in K-League. The first must be the AFC Champions League, and then in any order: CAF Champions League, CONCACAF Champions League, Copa Libertadores, and UEFA Champions League.


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