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Get Ready for Some K (League) Drama

21 year old forward Ahn Hyun-beom is helping Jeju United to reach a fantastic 3rd place.(Photo credit: eng.kleague.com)

With 270 minutes to go until this K-League season is over, everything from the title race to the relegation battle is yet to be decided. For different reasons teams like Jeonbuk, FC Seoul, Ulsan, Jeju United, Jeonnam Dragons, Suwon FC, Incheon United, and Suwon Samsung are involved in a Korean football drama.

The relegation battle sees Suwon FC 12th in the table and 3 points behind Incheon United. Both teams got very important victories last round which clearly shows they haven't any interest in giving up. Incheon will face Pohang on Saturday, and a victory for the blue-and-black side could drag the 2013 K-League champions into trouble. Also, Incheon could put pressure on Suwon FC and Suwon Samsung with the win. If Suwon FC lose the Suwon derby on Sunday and Incheon beats Pohang, that could pretty much relegate the newly promoted Suwon FC straight away. That would leave the other teams in a battle to avoid 11th place and a play-off with a K-League Challenge team. However, if Suwon FC somehow can manage to win and Incheon is unable to beat Pohang, it will create a situation where Suwon Samsung and Incheon will fight to avoid 11th place. Funny thing about this is that the losing team could be awarded, depending on Suwon FC results, with a direct relegation. So both Suwon Samsung and Incheon better win in the next round to save many deaths due to heart attacks at the end of the K-League season. Luckily for Suwon Samsung, Kwon Chang-hoon seems to be back to his best form, with the little genius scoring a stunning free kick and delivering an assist to Jonathan.

Another team who might be involved in (yet another) K-League drama is Jeju United. The islanders are now 3rd in the table, 6 points clear of Ulsan Hyundai, but even such a seemingly huge advantage can easily disappear. Considering they will host a FC Seoul side not very willing to drop any points in favour to Jeonbuk, and will follow that with a very difficult match in Ulsan, Jeju will need a victory this weekend to still hope for a Champions League spot.

After the loss in Jeju, the chances of reaching 4th place are extremely low for the Jeonnam Dragons. In the next two rounds, they are set to face the strongest teams in the league. Teams aiming for a league title. The only hope Jeonnam has is for Ulsan to lose (or at least not win) both up coming matches while upsetting either Jeonbuk or FC Seoul. Then it will come down to Jeonnam vs Ulsan in the 38th round.

Finally, it's time to talk about the greatest drama. Forget about seeing Lee Min-ho and other actors like Park Min-young in action, this huge K Drama will involve Jeonbuk and FC Seoul. Take a note of the date: November 6, 2016. This is when Jeonbuk and the capital side will have their final square off. It won't get any better than this. Even the Champions League semifinal will look like two friendlies compared to this final match. Truth be told, Jeonbuk had this title won before the points deduction, but now they have to prove one more time to be the better side than FC Seoul. Luckily for Jeonbuk supporters, the team has never failed them in a must win situation this season. Be it Champions League or K-League, Leonardo and co always came out on top in big matches, so I think Jeonbuk's still the number one favorite to win the title. FC Seoul's only victory against the back-to-back champions was quite meaningless, and this is their last chance to prove that they are not the inferior team.

Relax, and enjoy K-League. I mean enjoy K (League) Drama.

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