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Writer's Chat: Daejeon Citizen Vs Daegu FC

This Wednesday Daejeon host Daegu, a team who have lofty aspirations and hope to make a long-awaited return to the Classic. Daejeon correspondent Paul Neat sat down with our own transfer window signing and new Daegu correspondent Jung Muyeol to discuss Wednesday's promotion clash.

Paul Asks, Muyeol Answers

Paul Neat: Daegu are enjoying a good season, riding high firmly in the playoff places, Daejeon themselves are in a rich vein of form, how do you see Wednesday's game playing out?

Jung Muyeol: I think this Wednesday match is very important to both of us and I cautiously predict it could end up with a draw.

PN: Is it very much about the playoffs or do you think that with Ansan's stuttering form, and indeed a mini exodus of players returning to their parent clubs, that automatic promotion is still a realistic possibility?

JM: To be frank, we are far from your compliment. For the last few games, we were extremely terrible but we started to bounce back from the victory against Bucheon. Even though we got two wins in a row, our balance and performance is not sufficiently as good as you think.

PN: Who should Daejeon be wary of come Wednesday? Who are Daegu's danger men? Are there any players likely to be missing through injury or suspension?

JM: I would say currently our key player should be Alex who joined our team in this summer transfer window. After joining our squad, he made three goals from nine appearances so far. His recent performance was really outstanding and he played as a top forward instead of Paulo, our usual main striker who is currently not in good shape. The suspension of Eder will apply to this game due to the sending off at the end of the match against Bucheon.

Muyeol Asks, Paul Answers

Jung Muyeol: I was wondering how your trip to Yeonbyun in China will affect your team's performance and why they went to China during the season?

Paul Neat: Quite why they chose to do so when they have an important game less than a week away I will never know. But, Yanban played Daejeon in Daejeon last year so I think there was an agreement in place to have a friendly in Yanban too. Granted, China isn’t far but the travelling won’t have been ideal but I think there are most positives to be taken out of it than negatives. The trip will have certainly been good for team building. I have a few of the players as “friends” on Facebook and they shared a lot of pictures of them appearing to have a good time so I think it may help bring the squad closer together just as we head into the business end of the season. Daejeon have a small squad so any help in that department would have been welcomed.

JM: I was told you lifted the trophy in there. Is that true?

PN: I wasn’t aware that they were supposed to be playing for a trophy but that is indeed correct, they won a trophy and seemed quite happy with it. What the trophy was called or whether we will see it again I don’t know. The game finished as a 2-2 draw so it went to penalties with Daejeon winning on penalties.

JM: Were they the best 11 or was it mainly reserve players?

PN: There was a mix for both. Some of the first team regulars like Gustavo and Lee Dongsoo, for example, started but Kim Dongchan was given a rest. I think the coach wanted to give some game time to some players that have been on the fringes of the first team or those who have perhaps lost their place, players like Woohyun, Kim Hyungjin and Lee Bumsoo. Another positive to take from it; more players got some valuable minutes under their belts.

JM: Any predictions?

PN: My heart says a Daejeon win but realistically I think it will be a draw, a result that wouldn’t really do either team any favours. 

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