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Preview Pohang Steelers vs Suwon City FC

photo from ubergizmo.com
Ok maybe hitting the panic button now is too soon but with only 13 games left and back to back losses we still sit in 7th place 15 points behind a can't lose Jeonbuk who last lost in K-League last November and 7 points back from 2nd place Seoul, and 3rd place Ulsan Hyundai.
We are slowly slipping back to the team we started this season as and not the team who won 3 games in a row with only 1 loss in 7 games prior to the Jeonbuk massacre of 3-0. Needless to say we need this win vs Suwon City on Wednesday not only to catch the leaders but to boost our confidence. So what I need everyone to do is...

photo from tumblr.com

I still stand by my prediction for last Sunday's game but once again Lulinha didn't get the start instead he once again came on after the 1st half, he made some great plays and created some good opportunities he had a beautiful corner kick that fell right into the 8 yard box but no one could get a play on it, then there was the through ball to Shim Dong-woon who was sprinting past the defense but he couldn't finish. Now I don't know why he's not getting more play time but he should be out there all 90 mins.These are just some notes I have after watching Sunday's game and all the mistakes we made on defense as well as offense. I cannot stress enough about missed opportunities, I lost count after 5 we could've been winning 2-0 at half time instead of 0-0. Offense bunches in the middle of the field too often and on many occasions a player is making  a run into the box and he runs into his team-mate! We have to start spreading the field it's bad when we take a shot on goal and it gets blocked my our players. Defense I don't know where to start, not clearing the ball properly(which led to Sangju Sangmu's 1st goal), not pressing forward after a clearing, being aggressive to an incoming attack on our defensive 1/3 instead of dropping back(which led to their 2nd goal a shot from outside the 18), unnecessary fouls, and this last one which has and will continue to be exploited for goals from opposing teams is 5 defenders following 1 attacker who has the ball on the wings. I'll explain that situation when more than 2 defenders are chasing a player who has the ball on the wings that leaves many spaces for other attackers to sit and wait unmarked at the top of the 18 for a cross into the box or outside. Now if they can fix just a few of these problems we'd have a much better chance at chasing down Jeonbuk. Is that crazy...

photo from pinterest.com
So Wednesday's match has us traveling to newly promoted debut year in K-League Classic Suwon City who are 2-7-11 overall and 1-4-5 at home. This is a perfect game to gain some confidence and collect all 3 points although they did beat us in the reverse fixture 2 months ago 0-1. They have conceded at least 1 goal in the last 6 home games but we have only scored at least once in  3 out of the last 6 games. 44% of our 27 points have come from away games as well as 33% of our 24 goals scored have come in away games, and 48% of 23 conceded goals have come in away games. Suwon City has 54% of their 7 points in home games, 77% of their 13 goals scored at home, and 68% of 32 conceded goals at home. They have no wins in the last 8 home games and no wins in 9 overall. Also they have scored at least 1 goal in the last 2 home games.

Prediction: I'm not sure if I should make a prediction here, it all depends on which Pohang team will show up...wait what...I have to make a prediction...what do you mean it's in my contract...well I guess if it's in my contract then my prediction is....1-1 or 1-2 Pohang.

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