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Transfer Talk: FC Seoul

(Deadriano- a deadly duo)
Which player(s) signed in the Winter Transfer Window has performed the best for your team this season?

FC Seoul were one of the more active participants in the window and some of their notable signings included Yoo Hyun, Jung In-hwan, Sim Woo-yeon, Cho Chan-ho, Shin Jin-ho, Ju Se-jong, and Dejan.  With the exception of Cho Cha-ho (more on him below) and Yoo Hyun, they have all worked out.  Yoo was good through the first six games, but his form has went into the toilet since.  Dejan is my favorite player, which means I am biased, but his return has helped make World Cup Stadium a fun place to be again.  I love to hear "Let's Go Dejan" every time he scores.  The joy factor aside, he adds so much to their attack and when he is on, Seoul are so difficult to play.  During the first six weeks of the season when Dejan was fresh, Seoul were a juggernaut and looked unstoppable.  However, with the amount of football that Seoul has played in the last two months, Dejan began to tire a bit and that is when the wheels started to come off a bit.  In the last two games though, he has looked refreshed and Seoul have benefited because of that.  

Which position (if any) do you think your team needs to target most this transfer window?

Obviously, I think Seoul need to sign another midfield.  As I have written in the past, the team has struggled since Shin Jin-ho departed to Sangju Sangmu.  His replacement, Lee Seok-hyun, whom I was high on in the beginning of the season has failed to grasp the mantle and has not really been seen since the Pohang game.  Yun Il-lok has made the switch from winger/center forward to being played in the middle and he has had his moment, but they were when he has the space and time to run at players.  Unfortunately, he struggles when there is not much space to work with as he demonstrated in the Super Match.  That is why, if the rumors are true, the team are trying to bring back Seoul legend Ha Dae-sung. Unfortunately, his muscles are made of tissue and he is injured quite frequently, so buyer beware. Nonetheless, even though he is 31 years old, if he is healthy he can  add the grit that has been lacking as of late in the middle as of late.

It is even more urgent that Seoul sign a midfielder if hat Ju Se-jong is indeed injured for the next two months.

Is there a player within the K-League you'd like to see your team sign?  An international player?

I have already mentioned the regret that Seoul must feel having let Kim Min-hyeok go to Gwangju.   I would like to sign any midfielder who is half way decent, but the one that springs to mind right now is Song Jin-hyung.  With four goals and three assists, he has been a revelation in Jeju's attack this year  and he would probably be able to slot into Seoul's line-up immediately.  Really at this point, any competent center midfielder would suffice.

Internationally, I think it would be great if Ki Sung-yeung decided to return to Seoul, but I cannot see that happening.  Likewise, Lee Chong-yong does not really play much in the EPL, so he should come back to Korea, even if it is not with Seoul.

Is there someone on the team you's like to see loaned out or sold?

The player that immediately springs to mind is Cho Chan-ho, who contract we had to take on to rent Shin Jin-ho for six weeks.  He has yet to make an appearance and I cannot see that happening any time soon.  If the manager has chosen to play Lee Seok-hyun, Lee Sang-hyub, and Yun Il-lok ahead of him in the center mid spots, then he obviously does not rate the player.  It is too bad that he seems unable to rediscover his 2013 form because if he could, he would have been a great pick up.

Realistically, who would be a great signing for the league?

Rumors were abound that Fernando Torres was going to sign for Jeonbuk and that would have been great if it had happened.  I think I agree Duncan Elder that we should look to bring back some of the players that have went to the Chinese Super League these last few years.  Rather than trying to hit a home run, sign players of a lesser pedigree that still have substantial quality, especially in attack.

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