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Koreans Abroad: Weekend Recap and Midweek Schedule

(photo via twitter.com/SpursOfficial)

By Korean Footballers Abroad

Not a great weekend but could have been far worse.

Yun Suk Young -- Despite playing so many minutes in preparation, he was left out as QPR lost.  Perhaps with midweek fixtures he gets a look.

Hong Jeong Ho -- Came up lame in warmups in a disappointing injury.  Hopefully its something mild and he can get back ahead of Europa League.

Ji Dong Won -- Was a sub late in the match and by then, Augsburg had conceded all possession to Bayern.  Didn't get a chance to impact the match from the forward spot given those circumstances.

Koo Ja Cheol -- A very good debut for Koo who was instrumental in Augsburg's first goal, starting the attack and having several touches, particularly the assist.  Augsburg's loss on a weak PK call put a poor damper on what should have been a great (re-)debut for Koo.

Ryu Seung Woo -- Left off the squad.  He has a long way to go.

Park Joo Ho -- An unused sub in a BVB victory.  As the schedule gets a bit hectic now, Park JH should get a look and I'm eager to see at what position.

Lee Chung Yong -- Came on as a sub and didn't have a great impact on the match as Crystal Palace lost in the waning minutes of the match.  As a general utility midfielder, he'll have to learn to jump right into the various roles rather than have a slow adaptation to the middle as opposed to the wings.  Though like Ji, only limited opportunities to make an impact.

Ki Sung Yueng -- Ki was on the bench after all that KNT minutes though I suspect that Monk would have preferred to have him as the deeper midfielder over Cork vs. a defensive Watford side.  Unfortunately, Swansea looked flat most of the match and lost.  Ki came on as a sub and while had some good moves, looked a bit flat and only was a small improvement for Swansea.

Son Heung Min -- It wasn't the debut that Son probably imagined, though I think in retrospect that it was okay.  Son wasn't good but that was a reflection of the team which struggled to build any offensive rhythm.  He had some good touches but I think he was a bit too passive in terms of shooting.  He was trying a bit too hard to be a playmaker when Tottenham needed individual brilliance.  He should have another chance to further gel with Europa League.

Kim Jin Su -- He looked surprisingly fresh despite nearly falling apart vs Lebanon with fatigue.  As the game wore on, he became something of a playmaker out of the left and his high number of touches reflects that role.  He did have an unfortunate hand in the first Hoffenheim goal, getting beaten by a very good move though Hoffenheim had several chances to stop the goal after.  Hoffenheim completely imploded at the end through some poor play from their CHs.

Suk Hyun Jun -- He started and continued his scoring form with another goal, though sadly in a loss.

Midweek Schedule Sept 15th

A bunch of Europa League (!) matches now after transfers, and Championship matches as well.


Yun Suk Young and QPR host Blackburn Rovers.  Yun was held out maybe in anticipation of this match though at this point, I think it would be a positive step to make the bench.  No TV.


Park Joo Ho and BVB host Krasnodar in first group stage match.  Maybe Park Joo Ho comes on to provide fresh legs at fullback but I expect him to be on the bench.  1 PM ET on Fox Sports 2.

Son Heung Min and Tottenham host FK Qarabag at 3:05 ET on Fox Sports 1.  I'm hoping Son gets to start and help build some confidence with his new situation.

Ji Dong Won, Koo Ja Cheol and Hong Jeong Ho go with Augsburg to Athletic Bilbao.  3:05 ET on Fox Sports 2.  I'm not sure how seriously Weinzierl will take this given their slow start.  Maybe Ji gets a chance to start, but far more likely is Koo starting, Hong starting if healthy, and Ji on the bench.

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