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Seoul's Awesome August (So Far....)

(From youtube.com)
Finally, Seoul has a home game on the weekend.  It has been almost a month since they have played at home.  Unfortunately, this will be the last home game during the weekend for Seoul until Chuseok, which I think is just absolute shit.

However, I will focus on the positives instead.  I am not going to write a preview.  You can read that here. (http://www.kleagueunited.com/2015/08/fc-seoul-vs-daejeon-citizen-preview.html)

Rather, I will just say a few things about Seoul's play of late.  It has been scintillating.  They have won their last four games, three in the league, and should pick up all three points this Saturday.  

Even better than winning though is that they have been doing it with style.  Against Incheon, I thought they were quite good that day, attacking the whole game.  It reminded me of the halcyon days of old when Dejan, Ha Dae-sung, and Adi suited up.  Molina's goal was pure silk and a reminder that even though he can soon enjoy the benefits of being an AARP member, there is still something left in the tank. 

Next, they traveled to Ulsan and won at Munsu, which they usually never do.  Adriano opened up his account for Seoul with the winning goal.  They had to sweat for the victory a bit, but their luck held as Kim Shin-wook's shot crashed off the bar and they left 2-1 winners.

(Takahagi had quite a cracker against Busan- from Facebook- FC Seoul's page)
Finally, against Busan they put in four goals against a league opponent for the second time this year.  I had to work, so I missed the first 65 minutes of the game, but the last 25+ were ridiculous.  Four goals were scored, two each by both teams.  

Weslley was quite good that game, as I predicted he would be, giving Lee Woong-hee fits.  I am surprised that it was Kim Nam-chun, not Lee, who knocked Weslley over in the box to give up a PK.  From there, it was tense for a bit.

(From Facebook- FC Seoul's page)
Yun Ju-tae, who came on for Park Chu-young, scored after being played through on the break by Adriano.  Game over, or so I thought.  Busan countered by scoring off a corner.    I saw Molina in the middle of the box and I thought- oh shit!  Who the hell was marking who?

However, Seoul's savior Adriano put the game away.  Seoul got another break since Busan had pushed everyone up the field looking for an equalizer.  Adriano was hacked down from behind and after a bit of gamesmanship with Lee Beom-young, he coolly dispatched his PK to help Seoul win 4-2. 

I feel in the three games that Seoul has played Busan, they have been quite fortunate.  In the first, they somehow won 1-0 despite not playing that well.  In the second, they were fortunate to come away with a point in a boring draw.  Finally, in the third, they deserved the win, but made it difficult for themselves at times.  

Last week, I bleated on about winning streaks and Choi Yong-soo's lack of them.  That has changed a bit.  They have won three in a row in the league and after Saturday's contest, it should be four.  Daejeon is at the foot of the table and even though they won on Wednesday, Seoul should still handle their business.  It has been a bit of a miserable season at times, so I am just going to enjoy this while I can since I think September will not be a kind month for Seoul.

(from wikipedia)
My only worry about Saturday's game is that Seoul might not take Daejeon seriously enough.  If they don't, then Daejeon will pull off an upset like they did against Suwon at the end of April.  Their new Brazilian Wanderson scares me.  He is quite fast and was brilliant against Gwangju, probably the reason they won on the road for the first time in eight games.  

Where do Daejeon find their Brazilians?  First they uncovered Adriano, now this guy Wanderson.  I looked on Wikipedia to see if I could find out anything on him and this is all they had:
Wanderson Carvalho de Oliveira (born 31 March 1989), simply known as Wanderson is a Brazilian footballer playing for Daejeon Citizen in K League Classic who plays as a defender (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wanderson_Carvalho_de_Oliveira).  
Apparently Wanderson is not playing defender any more but is now a forward.  I feel as though in this day and age of specialization, where everyone is scouted from an early age and there are massive databases on every footballer on earth, that someone should have sussed this out sooner.  I guess it makes sense though as he looked quite fast against Gwangju.  There were a couple of times in that game when it was him off to the races against a slow back four.

(From Facebook- FC Seoul's page)
I feel as though Seoul's defenders, especially Lee Woong-hee will be in for a long day but in the end, they will persevere.  They have too much attacking talent not to do so.  I am not sure who will start or if Choi will choose to rotate for this game, but it shouldn't matter.  

In 2013, these two teams met in similar circumstances and Seoul threw away a two goal lead, but they won in the end 3-2 as Go Yo-han scored the winner in the 95th minute.

I think this game will be similar as well.  Maybe there won't be the same drama, but I foresee a the same scoreline.

Final score: Seoul 3- 2 Daejeon

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